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There are secrets and tips throughout this whole site! Please make sure you read things carefully... If any questions, feedback and suggestions... Please write to [email protected] Pet Pet Of the Month
If you have this cute little Magral... You may have something happen to you... Please write me if you have this pet pet.. If your pet pet has a uniquness about him/her... Make sure you share your storie... Your chances  of winning something increase...You will also be posted. if you and your pet pet win something...
Blaze N Burn Corner
Please submit stories about your Faded Neopets and their experiences in Neo Faded World... Each Month you will find an update to NeoFaded Life as our Neo Faded Pets See It.
You hear it first!
Contest Of the Month
If you can collect 100 omelettes in 1 month and e-mail me saying you have them... You will win 1000 NPs. There is a catch to this contest... You must turn over the omelettes for the NPs. Any Omelettes work... You may also find something special along with the NPs... 
Winners List
If you would like a faded Position, you must go to the actual guild site and apply there! Thanks very much...
Facts, Questions and Answers
Submit all questions to [email protected]
You will find the answers and facts posted here...
Winners will be posted under the contest until Contest is over and a new contest is postesd!
For all the latest paintbrushes check here!
Faerie Quests and What They Expect...
What You Will Recieve... Faerie Crossword puzzles answers can be found here...
Cooking Pot Codes!
Hot Spots for all you ballers who want the easy links, free stuff and free neo points..
Best Shops in Neopia... If you know of any great shops please write to us so we can share...
You will have your name/logo posted on site as well as links... Thanks.. Please E-mail [email protected]
Bank Of Faded
If you borrow from us money and or items... They ae due back on the set date... Which will be given to you when we make up your loan/s.
We require intrest on all loans processed... If you borrow from us and if you fail to pay back your loan/s your account will be suspended from using this site... We will also report you to Neopet Head quarters... Thanks...
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