Mr. Sproutman
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Well, the picture above is of Mr. Sproutman, who is not me.
However, this page is the placeholder page for, the revelatory web experience that's coming to a computer near you very soon!
Mr. Sproutman enjoys:
- Walks in the big city
- Playing the kazoo
- Reading comics
- Painting impressionistic murals
Mr. Sproutman's family live in a  nice apartment in uptown Splashington, somewhere near the old schoolhouse and above that nice little deli where the mayor's always having coffee. His dad's a nice old bean, Cedric Sproutman, clever about mechanics and obsessed with electrical devices. His mother, Sophia, of the renowned Snowpea family, enjoys tending the plants on the balcony of their apartment, and frequent trips to the deli downstairs for gelati.
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