Here are works of art that have been made some by my self and some by my friends and family, if u have a poem please do send it and it too can join this magnificant gallery.
A Poets Last Poem

This poem is poetry,
And it's last resort.
It is like that of a ship
Habouring at its last port.

My pen has run out.
My mind can not longer think
Of those graceful stanzas,
Poetry is on its brink

The ink slowly runs dry.
After using gallons of the blue liquid
The poems are alot like a lot.
Ready for the last and highest bid.

My tongue can no longer
Speak the lingo of hate and rhyme.
It seems i am a stranger in this land
It seems like a crime.

However i still do,
Remain a poet.
This shall never end.
You must consider it.

But my work of words.
Must decline.
Even my word plays
And my words of rhyme.

When i composed these poems,
Not many took notice.
But now they feel
My work is bliss.

The World Is Our Oyster

Earth was a lush planet
With the forests green and the seas blue
Green could be seen as far as can be
Where animals roamed and birds flew

The majestic oceans held many creatures
The beings travelled in large schools
Whether it dolphins or whales
They swim peacefully in the sapphire pools

The deep emerald forests
Had much to behold
But we humans cut down the trees,
Cut them down to burn and keep from the cold

Now we see clouds of black
We see no more trees
As we look around and cry
We are startled by the cold wintery breeze

However we must do our best
We must hold our heads high
We must try and help the plants
Before Earth and within die

We aleady have seen disaster
We have faced it in the eye
We should learn from our mistakes
And keep our precious blue sky.

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