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    hi there. ^_^   ::   more blinkies on page 2 :.

this page is just to show all the custom blinkies that i've made for other users. i like to make "unique" and personalized blinkies rather than the generic. please do not use them unless they were made specifically for you, as these people would like to keep theirs unique. plus, you need to ask me permission for that sort of thing. the background was also made by me, so please do not use it without permission either. thanks!

my inbox has constantly been flooded with requests since the day i started, so please realize i might not be able to make yours soon, if at all. ^_~ if you think you've got a good chance at getting one, please make it a fairly unique request. keep in mind that in return i do ask that you credit me in your profile and wherever else you will be using your blinkie.

well, hope you enjoy!


p.s. if you don't know how to put your blinkie in your profile, please visit neopets.com/~csshelp for help. thanks to those who donated or bought uni plushies at my shop in thanks! i really appreciate it! please be patient while the images load.

note: sorry, but i no longer take requests, as my waiting list is a mile long, and they never stop coming. i'm also busy with websites and such. try the links listed on my page 2 blinkies.

(hand-drawn penguins)       (for __complicted__)

(for groovychick_03)       (for elmo_is_cool)

(for calipunkmonkey)       (for wrinkly)

(for paranoidpenguin)       (for am_i_dreaming)

(for sweetly_innocent)      (for bebeestar)

(for simaholic14)      (for devonadair)

(for nightshade6116)      (for sparklistarr)

more blinkies on page 2 :.

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