The NeoCrowKing`s Manga Gallery
I have only drawn a few of these mangas and the others come
from succsessfull artist from all over the world.
i can and i do draw manga, but i usually dont get any peace and quiet when i draw them.
and dont blame me for bad images its just my computer,
it cant handle my images so good.
also i dont have adobe photoshop, but i intend to buy one.
You probably guessed it.
To the left we have a catgirl picture
(often one of the favuorite picture amongst male manga drawers).
And to the right we have the legendary gundam.
as you can see to the right the manga came out bad, so much for the scanner.
this was supposed to be a bodybuilder of some sort. and it came out pretty bad.
later on i might make  an entire gallery on manga. this is just a prewiew.
To wiew the anime cartoon press the link below.
Anime cartoon

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