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-Currently this site is under heavy construction

-Crew section: LoganX personal page now includes News/constrution
page, as well as a page dedicated to his music,
the drone Albulm/Demo is displayed there.. check it!
-Whats in Store: I have met up with an outstanding colorist who
maybe able to help hook some things up to give a bit more life
to the neoblon story line. As well, another has demonstrated
Superb Ideas.. he's Bearmaul. We should see more from him soon
they will soon be added to the Crew very soon as well.

-Crew section: LoganX, my brother is now included
construction on his personal page has begun

-Character section: Alleks page now includes a bit of
history as writen by me a few months ago

-Character section: Allek Mallot's page should be interesting,
there are over 17 pics in it so enjoy, and be expect to wait a bit longer.
-Character section: Tylers page is now available
He looks a bit like Trent but oh well.
-Story section made: Dont expect much here. I like to mess around with writing.
This only has about a page on it. I haven't had much time to work on it latly.

-Character section: Trent Azures page is now worth checking out.

-Crew section made
-Characters section made: Im working on bringing all the sketches that I have kept into a sort of portfolio. When I practice drawing I usually attempt to draw the same character several times. I give them names and perhaps I will use them in some other creative way a later on down the road.
-Crew section made: this section will give a little brief on some of the people that might be mentioned and/or have a part in this page. Currently there are only two people in this section, myself and Brandon.

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