This is a look into another world...

    T he streets were alive with the excitement of the evening. Neon sighs, mounted the length of tall geometric buildings, flashing intensely trying to draw any passing potential customer. Tantalizing them with images of women, booze and other immediate and stimulating pleasures. vehicles of all types sped across the 4 lanes set before them. The red glowing guides dotting the sides of the streets designating the vehicles path. The illuminations further playing amongst the flashing colors of the advertisements littering each side of the wide streets.
    figures loitered in the stretching walkways along each side of the curving street. most looking for the excitement of the next club. Dressed in the most provocative of materials, in an attempt to stand out amongst there peers. Anything to stand out. Competing with the advertisements, the constant flashes of media raising the standards of what it is to be attractive and appealing drive the youth to new extremes of fashion. The average young adult looking to get his or her next high trying to find a place of there own in society.
    Riayen leaned heavily against the side of a building, trying unlike the others he observed to blend into the dim shadows. His greens eyes cruised the crowd around him impatiently. The brow rings that lines his right eyebrow glimmered when they hit just right on a flashing sign or a passing chargecar. Feeling a little warm with in the busy surroundings he pulled his hood back revealing his inch long blue and red, gelled spikes. They poked out randomly around his head, and like his rough goatee they revealed the unconcern of Riayen’s image. Or perhaps he just didn't care if he drown in the waves of the fashion floods. He Had been there for more than 20 minutes. He expected this though, Daemon, and Otto were never on time.

    Daemon stood 5’8" and wore his dark shaded garment loosely. Chains here and there restlessly clanged when he stood and adjusted his pack. Reaching down to his side he ensured the foot long vibro blade was still well attached to his thigh. He felt his fusion pistol rubbing against his chest concealed under his protective tunic. One couldn’t be too careful these days. His black hair fell about his face covering the system he was currently wearing.
    The systems processor and vitals were set in the back of the band, centered behind Daemons head. The system cupped his ears and continued to serve its user by the attached HUD visor that Daemon currently dawned. Its green glow gave Daemon an intimidating look as he made his way through the crowd of street loiterers. Daemon couldn’t thank Otto more for the precious gift. The visor he called Gi allowed was stuff with seemingly limitless amounts of useful little proggies that Otto had in his vast collection. Street Maps, uplinks to Infonets, the Geos Black book.

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