Stuff I'm Doing
Updated: July 27, 2001
I like to do stuff. I like to do lots of stuff. Mostly different, and sometimes, simultaneously. Here's a list of some of the things I fill my time with. I'll also put examples of my work here, too. Once I get some.


Southeastern Louisiana University
I'm a senior, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science, with a Business concentration. I'm taking two classes this summer: Object Oriented Programming, and Art History. I'll post more details later.


Louisiana Department of Revenue
My first real job! I'm working as a Java programmer on a joint project with the Dept. and IBM. They are in the middle of a 3-4 year project to rewrite the state's tax software. I like the people, the place, and (of course), the pay! Go me!


MugenDev Working title
Mugen is a free program released by Elecbyte that allows people to create their own 2D fighter characters, and play them against characters created by other people. Unfortunately, the process to create a character is rather difficult, so I'm writing a program to alleviate that problem. It's being completely written in Java, and I've actually started programming it. Soon, I'll be posting screenshots of the work, and including further details on MugenDev's progress.
Coming Soon
  • Screenshots of programming projects
  • Plans for future products
  • Downloadable examples
  • Feedback form

Come back soon, or the Almighty Fred will avenge me.

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