Sights, sounds, etc.
Updated: May 25, 2001
Here's the cool multimedia stuff I've posted for you, the viewer. Come back frequently for updates! Warning: This level of coolness is illegal in some Northern states and Zimbabwe. Proceed at your own risk.


Nothing like a little self-promotion, eh?
Some of my relatives are just as strange as I am. Here's the proof.
Amigos. Compadres. Homies. Buds. Pals. Accomplices.
Texas Renaissance Faire
Me, Misty, Krista, and Kindra all went to the TRF in 1999. We found lots of groovy stuff there. Check it out.
Honeymoon in Natchez
Misty and I got married on May 29th, 1999. We spent the next couple of days in Natchez, Mississippi, and we took some pretty pix. See what we saw.
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