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Updated: July 27, 2001
In all my web travels, I've come across lots of groovy stuff. Here's some of the best, categorized for your convenience. Due to technical issues, all these links open a new window. Sorry. Blame Geocities.


Penny Arcade
This is probably the best online gaming comic around. Gabe's art is stunning, and Tycho's writing is top notch and always entertaining, if not side-splitting.
Updated Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
PvP Online
Another great gaming strip, this one has more of an ongoing storyline. The characters are very entertaining, and all us gaming geeks can relate. Check it out.
Updated Daily
Sluggy Freelance
A long-running strip with good art, and a fantastic storyline. The story's been running for over 2 years non-stop, and it's worth it to read every strip. One of the most popular stips online, period.
Updated Daily

Real Life

Mon, Wed, Fri

Cool Cat Studio
Tue, Thu, Sat

General Protection Fault
Mon - Sat


Polymer City Chronicles Mon, Wed, Fri


Mon - Thu

Mon, Wed, Fri

Ink Tank

Elf Life

Wendy On Hiatus

Life of Wily
Mon - Sat

In2it Online Mon, Wed, Fri

Everything Jake Daily
Checkerboard Nightmare Mon, Wed, Fri
RPG World Sun, Wed, Fri
Faans Weekdays


Games. That's what it's all about. These guys know that and you should, too. They've got a huge network of sites covering consoles, PC games, and all manner of wackiness. Like I said. Games. Aww, yeah.
Battle Net
Home of one of the most popular online gaming venues ever. is where people go to play Diablo, Starcraft, and Warcraft online. This site has lots of great links and info for players of these great Blizzard games.
Game Spot
Another all-inclusive spot for gaming goodies. They've got news, they've got reviews, they've got previews. Demos, screenshots, strategy, hardware; you name it, they cover it.


Brunching Shuttlecocks
Assorted strangeness. Go see if you can tell the difference between My Little Ponies and Porn Stars.
Infinite Monkey Thesis
Ever wonder just what it would take to actually implement a system of infinite monkeys typing at infinite keyboards? Somebody did, and here are his results.
The Onion
All the news you need to know. Filled with nothing but tongue-in-cheek "news", the Onion is the satirical equivilent to the New York Times. Hilarious. Visit daily.
Coming Soon
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Come back soon, or the Almighty Fred will avenge me.

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