People I know
Updated: July 27, 2000
In my fight against the forces of darkness, these are the ones who make it all possible. Family and friends who offer info, insights, and... uh... lots of other stuff.


Kindra Coates
A long time friend of mine, and an avid writer. Her page has been up a lot longer than mine, and it has a lot more content. Go read her stuff, and let her know what you think.
Krista Coates
Yep, this is Kindra's little sister. Her site's all about fantasy artwork of all types. Ask her about the time she lost to me in checkers and put a dent in my leg. :)


Kristina Burnette
This here is my second sister's site. She's a typical teen, so you'll fine lots of typical teen stuff on it.
Heather Robinson
My oldest sister. She's a nutcase, although she probably won't admit it. Some of her friends call her Bulma from Dragon Ball Z, because she's a spaz. She's also the mother of my only niece.
Dusk Burnette
My brother married this chick. There are some pictures of him on this site, too.
Coming Soon
  • More people (duh)
  • Pictures of everybody
  • Form to request an addition
  • Whatever else I come up with...

Come back soon, or the Almighty Fred will avenge me.

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