"Impulse's Products are five *****star programs! I would advise 3D Freaks to buy Imagine, Illusion, and Organica."

What is Imagine? An $995.00 3D artist's animation and ray trace rendering tool program that can you create your own fantasy worlds in. It is powerful, challenging, and fun to play with because you are in the control to express your own desirable fantasy world with 12 Primitives, over 300 textures, and any Imagines tools. You are able to Import or Export DXF, 3DS, and LWO formats from other 3D programs such as Lightwave and Studio max. The Detail Editor, Forms Editor, Spline Editor, and Stage Editor will create objects and animations.

Imagine is not the only product that Impulse sells, There are several programs that can be bought at www.coolfun.com. The Imagine Cup 3.0 is the Imagine's Constant Upgrade Program. The CUP will upgrade Imagine 2.0 to 3.0. The latest version is Imagine 2.14. Organica is a 3D mesh Blob program that will form objects easy and quickly with 25 primitives. Organica can animate, but it is not a ray trace render system. Impulse Inc. just had released a new product called Illusion. Illusion is 2D program that allows people to add smoke, fire, photon torpedo, and lots of emitters on their images or avis. Alan Lorence designed the Illusion, He did designed Gloodle in 1997. Gloodle is a fun 2D-glob program that will form many kinds of abstract images or kaleidoscopes movies in any style you wish. Impulse Inc. has won numerous awards and have sold over 300,000 copies all over the world since 1986 . Have fun messing with those cool Proggies!! Cheerio!!!

-Neo Thomas-

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Here you will find an assortment of pictures that Neo and I (Allyis) made in Imagine and Organica. Neo is the lucky one who also Owns Illusion. So some of his pics and anims will be enhanced with that extrodinary program!! After looking at our pics, please let us know what you think! E-mail us at: [email protected]

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This is our Links page . It has various links to other Imagine and 3d sites. All of these sites are very cool! check em out :)

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Here you will find the Organica 3D contest page. Go take a look at the rules page for entering, then follow the link to the pics page and vote for you favorite pictures!

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