Welcome, to Neo-Tales! As you may not have already noticed this is actually two sites put into one! On the left are a few stories I have written on my free time. I guess I like writing stories more than I thought! On the right you'll see Neotales, pretty much the main part of the site. It tells you a bit about Penzeni, my Neopet and a few hints and tips you may want to look at if you plan on becoming filthy rich or raising a battledome fighter, or even both! :D
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A website created just for Penzeni!  :-)
If you wish to contact me please feel free to e-mail, neo-mail, or instant message me on aol at the below address!

E-mail: [email protected]
Instant Message: MFMG03 or Element_Ice3
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Below a few sites and Neopian shops you may want to visit before you browse around the site. I promise you'll like these sites! :D
Nothing But is a website that is all about Neopets of course. But in this website it includes tips on getting good n/p, tells you the daily news, has shop banners, and more! It's an awesome website if you're really into Neopets!
   United Neopians Against Poverty and Desertion is what the UNAPD is all about! It's an awesome guild with millions of contests to enter in with BIG prizes to win! It has loads of awesome members that you can talk with all day and that are willing to help you out at anytime! Join this awesome guild and never go browsing around thousands of guild because this is a one in a lifetime guild!
  This is what the internet is all about! This is a fun packed website with awesome work done throughout the years it's been up! It's an interactive website where you can raise a Neopet, battle it, feed it, play with it, give it a pet of it's own and much more! Not only can you raise a Neopet but you can always play over 50 games, run your own fake business, buy fake stocks, AND go shopping for all you ladies out there! :D Just Kidding!
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I tried to make this website as fast as possible for anyone who had a slow modems! I hope you enjoy!
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