When you first join the guild you are a new Friend. After 1 month you will be promoted to good Friend. You must post at the board the first week you join to get a promotion. The more active you are the faster you can be promoted. After 3 months you will be promoted to best Friend. Unless you are very active at our board, then you could be promoted ahead of time. If you plan to be away from neopets for a long period of time please let someone on the council know. You could lose your place at the guild or even be deleted from the guild if we think you are gone or not interested in being in the guild any longer. If you don't post at the board once in a while we will think you do not want to be in the guild any longer. So...please don't forget to say howdy once in a while.
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This website is closing...there is a new one with all our weekly games. I will not be puting up all the backgrounds and animations. I will host backgrounds or graphics on request.  Just send a email to me at [email protected]
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