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Welcome to the ::Neo Paradise:: webbie

Happy Cybunny day!!!

Oh! and cybunny neggs that you can trade in for tokens! There's Blue, Purple and Rainbow!

3 days to go... till the Invasion of Doctor Sloth!

The Halloween Nimmo got a *new* makeover. All so, Dua, Snowbunny, Anubis, Noil and Gruslen can be painted grey!

There is a new band playing in the Tyrannian Concert Hall! The Hikalakas strait from Mystery Island!

5 days to go... till the Invasion of Doctor Sloth! (FYI~ Shimenawa54 wants to fight for the space faerie but his sister Whisper54 wants to fight for Doctor Sloth!)

Kougras can now be painted with the Royal Paint Brush! Bow before the king and queen of the jungle!<

There is a new Avatar out! Fire Paw! Look for it under the avatar page that is comming soon!

There is also FREE training to all kougras at Cap'n Threelegs! New Kougra food which looks good. Kougra books!!! And to top it all off, Koura themeed Battledome items!

Kyriis and Buzzes can now be painted with the Maraquan Paint Brush!

Not just pets can be painted with the Maraquan Paint Brush! Cobrall, Anubis, Spyder and Meowclops can all be painted Maraquan!

A *new* avatar has been released a 'Raider of Maraqua'!

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