Volcano Run
Volcano Run
by: themissy11

Basic Gameplay
Once again, sounds quite simple... isn't. You, as Glubgar the Scorchio, have made the mistake of getting into the volcano... Better hope those flying rocks, gas clouds, and lava missiles don't hit you!

This game is more skill than strategy, but there are a few things I can advise you on. First of all, the blue circles that fly towards you are VERY helpful. They are basically an extra life. If you can get one, so much the better, as you can crash without dying once. After crashing, the shield disappears, but you remain alive and can get another shield. Hitting a cloud is another matter altogether. As we are told, it slows us down. Unfortunately, it only slows vertical movement, causing you to go down much slower. This prevents you from using the brake and swoop strategy I will discuss at the end of this paragraph. Also to avoid: the block-like rocks, this sides of the tunnel, and the small orange lava missiles. These will kill you instantly, ending your game (unless you have a shield). Now my favourite piece of advice. The brake and swoop strategy. This allows you to avoid rocks without hitting the walls. Most rocks can be avoided by timing, but sometimes there are rocks that you just can't fly over. When you need to fly under a rock that's headed upwards but not at the top yet, fly straight at it. Before hitting it, put on the brakes (hold the spacebar). After a split-second, the rock will have moved on, and you will be falling. Quickly press your mouse button. This allows a ducking action. I bet you could have figured that out yourselves, but I had to put SOMETHING useful in this section.

Neopoint Reward
This is of your score. When you first start out, that means about 30 NP But you can soon work your way up to at least 400 NP. per play with no trouble at all.

Neopets claims this game is addictive. Be warned: they're right!

That's all for now, hope I haven't missed anything!
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