Storytelling Contest
Keeping the Campfire Going: A Storytelling Guide
by: knitting_knut

Do you constantly enter the Storytelling Competition, but never win? This helpful guide is sure to help you overcome your storytelling woes!

The Storytelling Competition can be so confusing! With so many entries, there is no way you can win, right? WRONG! Contrary to popular belief, your story can make it in, if you have the right stuff!

With so many entries the people at NeoPets are looking for a really outstanding story! They read so many entries a day that they tend to not notice your story! Give your little story a zing, something that really stands out! Here are a couple helpful tips:

Writing Your Paragraph(s)

1 - As mentioned before, your entry needs to stand out! Add an interesting plot twist that makes the story more interesting. Humour is a big plus.

2 - Use "big" words! Get out a thesaurus and look through it. Change some words in the story to make it sound more intelligent! But don't over do it. You don't want the NeoPets' Team looking up words all day.

3 - When introducing new characters, give them interesting names and personalities, and explain a bit about them (Not too much! Remember that this is a SHORT story!). Though you don't have to add new characters. Stick with the characters that are in the story already.

4 - Donít use too much description in your entry, the plot is better than the setting!

5 - Write your story out on paper, instead of in the text box given to you. Read your entry out loud to check for mistakes.

Sending Your Paragraph(s)

1 - Get up early in the morning and send it in! If your story is one of the first sent in, the person reading it might pay more attention to it. Their mind would be refreshed from a good nightís sleep!

2 - Send in more than one paragraph! Keep your old story on hand and make some more interesting changes.

To add to those tips, be sure to add some creativity! Also remember to make it NeoPets related. If your paragraph doesnít get selected, donít fret! Try, try again!
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