Splat-A-Sloth Revealed
by: moneyboyjr

Ahh, so you're just plain sick of Dr. Frank Sloth by now. First, we have to put up with his "All Your NeoPet Are Belong To Us" deal at VirtuPets Battle Station #4. MechaChiaZilla was cool, but Sloth was starting to get on your nerves. Finally, he had plans of using some stick to take over the Lost Desert. Your tensions have been building up at Sloth for around a year, and now you have a chance to release that anger. That's right, Splat-A-Sloth is here! You get to take a Neopian Times in hand and pummel the stuffing out of a Sloth sock puppet.

Two Grundos have created a new game in Neopia that has to do with shooting a sock puppet complete with Sloth's ugly mug plastered on it down a metallic tube. If you give the puppet a good smack in the kisser, you win (yay)! Unfortunately, it's not as easy as it looks.

Many a gamer are left wielding their Times and sporting a dumbfounded look on their faces after the game is done because they missed their chance. You only get one swing at the puppet, so if it passes you, you lose. Also, if you just decide to swing at nothing, you lose again. I got a chance to ask the Grundos a couple questions after I played a few times, and they were glad to share some tips.

1) Don't watch the middle. Instead, watch the beginning of the tube. By the time you see it and press Space Bar (which is the button you use to swing), you'll probably have perfect timing.

2) Have your hand ready on the Space Bar. Although you'll look pretty weird, tilt your head so that you're looking at the tube, and have both hands gently resting on the Space Bar. Make sure you tap it immediately after you see the tips of Sloth's head (Is it hair? Feathers?). Don't be dawdling around and miss your chance.

3) Practice! This cannot be overrated, especially in any game.

As you progress in your talent of the game, you might figure out tips for yourself, as you should. This article is just to start you off. The concept is very simple, but the game play is ironically difficult. I hope I've helped you make some sense out of one of the most comical games to come to Neopia since Neo DJ!
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