Grundo Snowthrow
Snow Throw!
by zepher69

I know what your thinking. Snow Throw is soooooooo hard to master!!! And you probably think that it's super boring! That is because you haven't had a good play yet. So here is my strategy to enlighten you of the Grundo Snow Throw.

This game is undoubtedly one of the most fun games NeoPets have ever created! Watching your guys pelt the snowballs at the opposition and watching the snowball make contact is so satisfying it nearly makes you laugh! You start out with three Grundos you are given to control while the opposition unfairly get more powerful and recruit more friends every time you defeat them. The main aim of this game is to defeat your opposition (duh!).

It is obvious that you cannot control all three Grundos at the same time, so to avoid them getting pelted at the start of the game, immediately move two of them to the top right or the bottom left of the screen so that they are immediately taken out of danger or opposition fire. With your remaining free Grundo, pelt away!

With your free Grundo, the main method to beating the opposition is to concentrate on one opponent only before you go onto the next. This saves a lot of time and strife later on. Never also be too greedy but stay patient as if you rush into things, you'll soon find that your player has been knocked out by a random snowball or a cleverly placed snowball!

If it does happen that your active Grundo does get knocked out, you still have your two reserved and perfectly healthy Grundo to assist you! Well, with this guide, how are you bound to go wrong!? Good Luck!!!
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