Tips to Make a Good Shop and Guild
First of all I'll tell you how you can make a good shop. If you do not have a shop go HERE to open one up, it only costs 250 NP to open one.

This is how to make a successful shop. Once you open it up go to your inventory and see what you've got. Anything worth selling? Anything you want to get rid of? Then put it in your shop! Most items can be bought at the
MAIN STORES cheaper then the prices in stores. So stock up. Some of the stores I recomend are Food, book, pharmacy, magic, chocolate and bakery. All of these will stock up with cheap items that can selll for up to 7 times as much. Faeries in the magic shop may be hard to find and get, but if you do get one for there prices (1,000 NP) you can sell it in your shop for 2,000+ NPs. Good luck tring to get those.

You don't have 1,000 NP? Then how about the
chocolate shop? They have candy by the truckload. Each time I go there I can get at leasst 10 items under 20 NP which can easily be sold for up to 30+. That's a 50% profit!

bakery stocks up lots and lots of donuts. These are usually 15-22 NP. These tasty donuts both make god food and good money. Pet's love them. If your pet is to full to eat then put them in your shop for 25-30 NP.

Continue doing this until you have lots of money.

Out of all profits you make you should put 20% into the bank, 10% into a fund to make your shop bigger and the rest to restock again (or use on games and such).

If you follow these simple guide lines for about a week or so you could have a size 50+ shop!! And LOTS AND LOTS of money.

This section is how to make a successful guild. Please only read this if you are a guild owner or planning to make a guild.

Step one: Make a a nice design including images and links. Tell a lot about the guild and what you have to offer. Make banners for you guild members to put in there shop or on there website

Step two: Try to think of a unique thing that your guild can have. For example mine offers a lot of stuff including The AOL Chat zone, over 30 chat rooms to choose from. The Ultimate Pizza Party, have lots of free stuff given away including lots of food and drinks.

Step three: Advertise. Make it sound convincing, tell them why they should join yours and not some one elses.

Step four: All guild should be a part of atleast one web ring, neocircle and a top 50 (100, what ever) site that your members can vote for you. REMEMBER the higher your position on it the more people will want to go there.

Step five: Continue advertising and do updates.

Step six: Wait for the members to come, fill up council and give as many people raises (higher ranks) and give out free items to good members.
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