Scorchy Slots
Scorchy Slots-Can You Win???
by: Joystarie

The answer to that question is yes and no. With the right way of thinking, you can easily win a thousand Neopoints in just a half an hour. How do I know? I have done it. But if you choose to go for the jackpot, faeries, or treasure maps, then it is almost impossible to win. But small prizes may be easily won.

Let's start out with the basics of this game. This game is probably the easiest game ever, simply hit the play again button to spin. It costs 5 Neopoints per spin. You get 3 or more of the same items in a row, you get a prize. There are little numbers on some items items and as you can see, there are little numbers that lead to this volcano on the picture below the slots. When you get numbers that add up to eight, the volcano erupts, which can be good or bad. Sometimes, a bag of Neopoints fall from the sky, but sometimes a flock of Korbats steal Neopoints from you. It all depends on luck.

There are a few more complex aspects of the game as well. As complex as they are, they are still VERY simple. Sometimes, you get a - FEATURE POSITION HELD FOR NEXT SPIN - that just means that all the little numbers you got on this spin will be held for the next spin. That raises your chances of getting the volcano to erupt. Another feature is the hold check boxes. Let's say you get 2 bells in a row and think that you might be able to get another bell next to it on the next spin. Then you would check those two check boxes and spin again. There are also instances where they have hold check boxes right after you won something. In that case, just check the boxes of the item that you just won and play again! That guarantees you another win! I find that hold helps a lot.

In this game, you can win anything from 15 Neopoints (3 cherries) to the jackpot which can get to tens of thousands! For a complete list of prizes, click here. I myself have not won anything more in one round, than 3 bags of gold which is 600 Neopoints, but together with everything else I won, it would equal thousands. It is a game of luck, which makes it very hard to tell how much you are going to win. You always find yourself asking should I stop playing now? Maybe if I play just one more game, I'll win the jackpot! But if you keep thinking like that, your likely to end up with zero Neopoints left.

The best way to ensure you are not going to go down to zero, is to set stopping points on which you will stop playing. For example, say you have 1,000 Neopoints out to spend. You can tell yourself that once you get below 800 Neopoints, you will stop playing immediately. And it's also a good idea to set a goal on how much you want to earn. Which may be around 1,200. I usually put the range around 400. That way you know you wont lose more than 200 NP.

One question may be, should I change that stopping point? From my experience, if you go below your stopping point, NOT AT ALL. That might just bring you lower and lower. But if you won a couple hundred, and you think you can go much higher, then raise both stopping points. For example you all of a sudden get 600 Neopoints which brings you to 1,600. From there you should set the bottom point at 1,400 Neopoints, and the top point to 1,800 Neopoints just as an example. That way, no matter what you win Neopoints.

I hope you find these tips helpful, for with them, I have made a lot of Neopoints. I believe these tips will help you one time or another if not every time. So head over now to play Scorchy Slots!
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