Mummy Maze
Mummy Maze - Patience?
by: smileywarhead

Not many people are interested in playing Mummy Maze but, if you are patient enough, you might be able to get onto the high score table (just like me!) and even a big SHINY trophy! (but that is difficult though!)

The strategies for the game:
1. Waiting for traps to show itself: like standing on the and wait for about two to three seconds!

2. Waste your sword rather than your health! Like throwing a sword to a mummy and try to get back even though it is some sort of impossibility to do. (Unless you are Indiana Bones!)

3. Try not to be too slow or the Skull would look for you! (Try not to waste too much time getting just 1 or 2 gold coins.)

4. Look where you wanna go before you go! (Do NOT run all the way just because in the far end, there is something interesting OR ELSE things may get nasty like falling down into a hole and may waste much time getting back up, or being slashed by traps.

5. To get lots of (Neo)points! Try to destroy as many mummies as possible as the grey and green mummy carries 10 points and the red and blue mummy each carries 20 points! Also try getting getting the coins and not leaving the sitting on the floor as they are FREE (Neo)points!

6. Be careful! Be careful of flames as they may be powerful as they would hit you, not directly at you, but the flames would also hit you when you are standing right beneath it!

Locations of shields from levels 1 and 2
Level 1: At the beginning of the level, try to jump to the higher steps on your right. After jumping up there, go straight to your right and you would be able to see the shield (it's quite easy to get it!).

Level 2: From the beginning of the level, go up to your left side. Go inside and you would be able to see steps in mid air. Jump up from there and soon, you would reach a straight road, (there is a hole going down though!) go straight up (destroy the mummy before you go!) and enter the place, there would be a mummy and destroy it. Then jump onto the flat form where there is a coin and go down straight (keep to your left side!!!). Soon, you would be able to stand on a surface, which is in midair and you would be able to see the shield coin.

The levels become more difficult as you move on through the game, so good luck playing! Enjoy playing, too!!!
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