Meerca Chase
Meerca Chase Munch
by: kaifuutenou

Meerca Chase is by far the EASIEST way to gain Neopoints. It's a game that tests your eye-hand coordination speed and reaction time. Eating the right Neggs is no easy task. You have to be quick and avoid the sickening 'Red Neggs' or you'll collapse and start again.

'Quality' is only how round you want to see the objects. Leave it on 'High' Quality to play the game with the best picture.

Negg Colour points
Yellow Negg = 1 point
Blue Negg = 3 points
Green Negg = 4 points
Silver Negg = 5 points
Orange-Outlined Yellow Negg = 10 points
Rainbow Negg = 20 points {Rare}
Fish Negg (Looks like a water drop) {Extremely Rare} = 50 points

Each 'Difficulty' will multiply these 'points' by a different number. For example: If you play the 'Easy' Level, you will get 3 points for a Yellow Negg, 12 points for a Blue Negg and so on because the score is multiplied by 3.

The Game
This is one of the games where you get the amount of Neopoints you've earned in the game. For example: If you earn 289 points, you get 289 Neopoints. The game itself if a challenge. Choosing your 'Difficulty' level and playing may be hard, but you'll get the hang of it. Eat any 'Happiness Negg' that is NOT red.

Use the arrow keys on your key board to move. A quick way to avoid dying quickly is to choose your 'Difficulty', click on the screen, and then press the 'Space' bar so the level will start without clicking. This gives your mind more time to focus on the game then on the mouse.

NEVER bump into your 'Tail' of Neggs, the 'Walls', or the 'Red Neggs'. They will ALWAYS kill you. You CANNOT turn around once you are going one way. If you are going towards the 'Left' side of the screen, the only way to turn around is to go 'Up' and THEN to the 'Right'. Same with 'Up' and 'Down'.

Playing and Sending Score
Remember, if you earn a score that doesn't seem 'Good Enough', then push 'Try Again'. If you 'Send Your Score', you are only allowed to play and send 3 times and day. If you play until you feel you've earned a worthy score, you'll be able to get more practice out of it. :) Don't send the score until you are completely satisfied. You STILL can only send the score to get Neopoints 3 times. Send it for a 'High Score' as many times as you want. If you earn 600 points in one of you first 3 'Send Score' Games, you will get a Magical Plushie!!

Easy Difficulty
If you are a beginner, I suggest you play the 'Easy' level, or you may run into a lot of trouble. Even THIS level may seem fast to a first-timer. The 'Easy' level IS the easiest level. It is VERY slow and not very challenging. Just right for practice. Avoiding the 'Red Neggs' should be no problem at all. Each Negg point is multiplied by 3, which may be a sufficient amount of points to the beginner. This difficulty is time consuming to earn a high score.

Medium Difficulty
Medium is for the more advanced. Still, you don't need TOO much skill to play this round. This difficulty is a little faster and more challenging. You have to think a little quicker to maneuver your way around and in-between the 'Red Neggs'. Every point is multiplied by 5, so that means the points will add up a little faster. It's not as time consuming as the first level, but it still may take a long time.

Hard Difficulty
This difficulty is for the experienced gamer. You need to pay attention when you are getting the hang of this level to get around the 'Red Neggs'. Hard is fast, seeming extremely fast the first time you play it. Once you get the hang of this, Medium and Easy will seem like nothing. :) Every point is multiplied by 8, making this game suitable for Neopoint gain. If you pay attention, it shouldn't take too long to get 100+ points.

Secret Levels
This is one of the few games equipped with 'Secret Levels'. There are tow of them. As they tell you, one of the levels can be reached by pushing the 'Shift' key after clicking on the screen.

Shift Level
This level goes the same speed as the 'Hard' Difficulty. You have to pay CLOSE ATTENTION to the game, or you will die quickly while you're trying to figure out which button to push next. The 'Shift' difficulty should be call just that. You click anywhere on the screen and then push the 'Shift' Key. The 'Difficulty' light will disappear and you will know you've found it. It is also called the 'Shift' level because the keys will occasionally 'shift'. For example: To get the first point is easy. It's just like the earlier levels. To get the SECOND point however, the keys have 'shifted'. The 'Left' button takes you right, and the 'Right' button takes you left. The 'Up' button and the 'Down' button stay the same. The keys seem to 'shift' every other point. I have not mastered this level, so feel free to tell me if I'm wrong. Each point is multiplied by 12, so if you DO gain points, it's worth it.

Hidden Level
This level is EXTREMELY fast, maybe too fast for the untrained eye. You have to pay MAJORLY CLOSE ATTENTION the the game, or you'll die instantly. The 'Hidden Level' is found by trailing your mouse around the inside edge of the starting screen. When the pointer becomes a clicker or a finger, click. The 'Difficulty' light will disappear and you know you've found it. This level will make you go CRAZY if you don't pay attention. It's too fast to have ANY type of distractions around if you want a good score. Every point is multiplied by 15!! 1 'Fish Negg' would automatically give you 750 POINTS, 150 MORE points than you need to get a Plushie!!! This level is WELL worth the time it takes to train your eyes to the speed.

Now that you know how to play, what to do, and what to choose, happy munching!! :)
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