Korbat's Lab
Korbatís Lab: A Guide to Get Past Those Pesky Flying Pets
by: firey_ice_dragon

By now you should have heard of the new NeoPets' game, Korbatís Lab. Something like the old game Pong, the object is to get a little yellow ball to eliminate all of the wooden squares. To do that, you bounce the ball off of the wooden board you control. Sound easy enough, huh? It isnít.

First of all, Spyders and Korbats drift around, just waiting for a chance to knock your ball off course. Then there are the metal blocks that no amount of pounding with your ball will get rid of. And finally, the wooden blocks themselves sometimes have to be hit several times to make them disappear.

Discouraged? Donít be. To make up for all of the catches, potions drop from some of the blocks you hit. They make your board bigger, smaller, change the arrow keys, or give you a rocket to hit the blocks with, to name a few. Sometimes, moneybags will drop from them, worth at least 50 points! But you still have to beware of these, not only because some are bad, but they themselves weave a spell around you. If your ball and a potion fall at the same time, you get this urge to go for the potion. ĎI can save the ball in time,í you think. You were wrong. Rule Number One is always get the ball first! I donít care if itís a moneybag, I donít care if it will make your board bigger, I donít care if itís a rocket to get that last pesky square. Go for the ball. What good is a larger board if you miss your ball, lose a life, and return to normal size in a space of three seconds?

Now to tackle those pesky Korbats. They seem to have wings made of iron. Anytime your ball hits them, it will be diverted, usually plummeting towards certain death (unless, of course, you get your board there first.) The Korbats may seem incredibly annoying, but they have their uses. They add a little challenge to the game, and Iíve had them divert my ball back towards the squares. At first they seem to follow your ball around, just waiting to be hit, but they back off. And how can you stay mad with those cute, innocent eyes staring at you?

Another annoying thing is when your ball decides it would like to just bounce straight up and down, up and down. It should eventually bounce out of this phase, but there is a much faster method. Wait until your ball is going up, then move slightly to either side of it. When it comes down, time your movement so the side of your board hits the ball, and donít stop moving. The movement should divert your ball into going sideways, and the monotony is broken.

Finally, those metal blocks. Nothing will get rid of them, except a certain potion. Donít give up if it seems impossible to get around them; somehow, in this game, you always do.

Well, one more thing I have to add to this guide: Always stay under your ball if it is below the first shelf. Believe me, itís a lot easier to save your ball if you donít have to race at the last moment. Well, I hope this improves your scores on this game. Ciao!
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