Kiko Match II
Gone Fishing: Making Money Four Kikos at a Time
by: exfilia

Need a steady source of cash? Kiko Match II, found under Puzzles, can be one of the most powerful earning tools in a Neopian's arsenal. Its value lies in the multiplier; it gives two Neopoints for each point scored. The game is simple enough, too; you click a "card" to expose the hidden image, and then find its match. If you have a fast machine and a reasonable memory, you can easily rack up 750 NP per day just by playing this game three times.

The speed of your machine is very important, though. Kiko Match II is a real time game. That means you have so many seconds to complete each level. The problem is the Flash fade loops. When you click on an image, it fades in and then fades out when you find a match or click a third image. These effects are processor dependent; they eat up more of your precious time on a slow machine than on a fast one. If you're playing on an old computer with limited memory and a slow processor, you probably won't make much off this game no matter how good you are. If you have the right equipment, though, and the right strategy, Kiko Match II can be very profitable.

The key to a high score is to look at the images in groups. On the first level, four images come up. You click on two of them. If they match, good. If not, you remember which was which: blue-yellow, or yellow-blue. Then you click on the third image. It has to match one of the other two, right? Click the match to clear that pair, and then clear the others. One level down. The second level has six images. Check a pair. If they don't match, remember them: blue-yellow. Click the next image. If it matches one of the first two, clear them. If not, remember it, too: blue-yellow-red. Go on to the next image. There are only three pairs, so this one has to match, and from there you can clear the level. Level three has eight images, so you can only get up to four before something has to match. Red-blue-cyan-yellow is easy enough to remember.

The secret begins at level four, where there are twelve images. Do not try to remember six in a row! Look at four, either in a row, or in a circle, or in some pattern you can remember. Clear the matches, and remember the others. Worst case: cyan-red-yellow-green. Then go through the remaining images. Each time you find a match for one of your four, clear the pair. When those four are gone, clear the last two pairs.

On subsequent levels, when you've cleared the first four pairs, pick another group of four. Go through the other images until you've found their matches. If you forget your sequence, don't panic and start to click at random. Start over: pick four new images and find their matches. When you get to upper levels, don't try to remember red-on-blue or plaid-on-yellow. Check any Kiko whose body colour matches against the one in your group of four, and you'll still finish within the time allowed.
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