Jelly Processing Plant
A Busy Buzz, a Hungry Skeith and a Lot of Jelly: How to Master the Jelly Processing Plant Game
by: _misty_rainbow_

So you walk into a Jelly Processing Plant, and the last thing you want to do is move a skunk Buzz around to sort out the jelly, right? I'm sure you'd rather eat the reject ice cream or delicious jelly, but that task won't win you NP or even a trophy. So sort the jelly! Having troubles? I can help. Read this guide to help perfect your jelly-sorting skills!

1) The Basic Info
You are controlling the skunk Buzz, trying to sort all the jelly into the correct chutes, and get the hungry (but rude) Skeith to eat all the ice cream. The jelly and ice cream comes along the conveyor belt. To pick an item up, you must be hovering over it. Use the space bar to grab or set down an item. You'll want to leave the ice cream alone, so that it will end up in the Skeith's stomach. But pick up each jelly! After you pick up a jelly, move around by using the arrow keys. Once you've moved to the chute that corresponds with the jelly you're holding, drop the jelly in! Then click the down arrow to get back to the conveyor belt to pick up more jelly. Don't forget: to delay time, you can set a jelly down on the back conveyor belt.

2) The Rounds
Each round you will need to sort a certain amount of jellies correctly to get to the next round.

For example: after you've sorted five jellies correctly on the first round, you go on to the next round. The number of ice cream that gets eaten by the Skeith only affects your bonus score, it doesn't make you pass a round. Each round the conveyor belt will move faster, and you will need to sort more jelly to move on.

3) The Skeith
Although this massive Skeith might just seem very obnoxious and hungry, it really is a danger in your game. Even though it helps you by eating the ice cream and making you a good bonus score, you probably noticed his disgusting habits. They aren't just there for decoration, they can knock you out for a few seconds! So when he's doing his gross business, don't hover near him, or you may lose a few jellies to the huge Skeith.

4) Strikes
Strikes are very simple to understand. You can get them by...

a) Putting any ice cream in any jelly chute.
b) Putting a jelly down the wrong chute.
c) Letting the Skeith eat a jelly. It's 1, 2, 3 strikes, your out of the Jelly Processing Plant Game. (In other words, once you get 3 strikes, you've lost the game and can either send your score or not.)

5) General Tips
I strongly advise you set jelly down on the back conveyor belt. It WILL come back, just in a clump with another jelly.

Just don't touch the ice cream, and if you DO pick one up, quickly set it back on the front conveyor belt. There is no need to set ice cream on the back conveyor belt, and you don't want it down a jelly chute. Personally, I like to stay at the end of the front conveyor belt where the jelly and ice cream comes out, rather than in the middle or near the Skeith. This way you won't be rushing to the area right near the Skeith, where you could get knocked out by the stench. If you only need to sort one more jelly and an ice cream comes out right after the last jelly you need, hover over the jelly's correct tube, but don't drop it in until the Skeith eats the ice cream. This way you will get a bigger bonus.

This game can get VERY long, but it's worth it. If you do your best, you can get a high score (for yourself or NeoPets overall), lots of Neopoints, and usually a ton of fun! So hang in there!
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