Ice Caves Puzzle
Ice Caves
by: space_monkey_3000

By far my favourite Snow Game, Ice Caves is a great challenge (for me at least!) as it progresses through each level. Although frustrating at times, I love the satisfaction of completing a particularly hard level. Now, I haven't gotten very far in this game, but I understand that many people get so frustrated with the first levels that they just give up! For newcomers to the game, make sure to read the 'Help' and 'Rules' sections before playing, and make sure you know what everything does. I'll start from where that leaves off. :) The maze is vertical, not horizontal as I first thought, so watch out snowballs held up by bombs, jewels, or ice patches! Once you get rid of those objects, they will fall right on top of you! Plan your route ahead of time. Don't pick up torches immediately - if you pass by a spot next to a bomb while carrying a torch, it will go off. Only pick up torches if you need them. If plan to light a bomb, or dig through ice that's holding up a snowball or boulder, make sure you have a planned escape route, and remember that holding the arrow key down moves Garon faster! If picking up a treasure chest is too dangerous, don't risk it. Oftentimes, the game will put out treasure chests that you can't get to, just make you lose a life. Also remember that using the 'Reset' button subtracts five points from your score. Sometimes you'll get in such deep trouble that it's best to just let a snowball or a bomb get you and send the score or just start a whole new game. Of course, this method gets increasingly frustrating as you move up on levels, but you will eventually master the first few levels and then be able to 'Skip to Level 5.'
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