Mutant graveyard of DOOM
Mutant Graveyard of Doom: The Basics
by: quirke44

Mutant Graveyard of Doom is Neopia's latest game. It is about Albert the Kacheek who unwittingly ventured into The Haunted Woods. The Esophagor, who was feeling rather peckish that particular day, decided to put a hideous curse upon poor Albert! Poor Albert was turned into a Mutant Kacheek and the only way to free himself from the curse was to get Spooky Food for the Esophagor. You play as Albert and your goal is to collect all the Spooky Food in the level.

You guide Albert round The Mutant Graveyard of Doom using the arrow keys. You will collect all sorts of different Spooky Food; Claw-Matoe, Eye Candy and so onů Different foods are worth different amounts of points ranging from 1-1000! You will have to avoid Ghostkerchiefs, walking gravestones and the hideous tentacled eye beast. You also start the level with a timer that starts at 100 seconds and goes down. You will get 1 point for every second you have left at the end of the level. Accept it isn't that simple, if you get hit at any point during the level the timer disappears and no matter how quick you finish you get no bonus points :-(. It proves a hard task to stay out of trouble with Ghostkerchiefs flying round, so you'll have to practice if you want to earn those precious bonus points!

Ghostkerchiefs: These can prove most annoying and are probably the worst enemies. They can go through the gravestones so you are never safe from them. Each level they get quicker and possibly even more intelligent; they start to block you in, gang up on you with other Ghostkerchiefs and even guard some of the Spooky Food!

Walking Gravestones: For a moment they just look like the ordinary gravestones, then they come to life and make "jumps". They are unpredictable and can move diagonally but don't go very far. The trick is to wait till they have stopped and look like ordinary gravestones; they can't hurt you then. Sometimes they can be quite annoying when you are trying to finish the level in the quickest possible time, they sometimes stop in the way of a path to some Spooky Food.

Tentacled Eye Beast: They are simply holes in the ground with an eye in the middle. They are probably the most harmless enemy but if you get to close they will reach out with their tentacles and hurt you.

The only tip I really have is to take your time and be careful. There is no point rushing around the level to get those bonus points if you are likely to lose a life and the timer (not getting any bonus points at all). Stay clear of the ghosts when possible and don't stay too long in places were there is only one entrance/exit!
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