Go! Go! Go!
GO GO GO!!!--The Hottest New Tyrannian Game!
by shining_star_bright

Yes, it's the totally new craze! Me, being one of the first when it first opened, got one of the first tastes! And here I am to tell you bout the tricks and secrets to this cool Tyrannian version of the popular card game Cheat!!!

OK, OK, enough with the intro. I personally think Cheat! gets you more NPs, plus it's easier. This is a plain ol' card game, not much variation…and it needs luck plus strategy, much more luck than is needed for Cheat!, BUT this guide will (hopefully) get you on the right track of Go Go Go!!!

First off, a lil extra note&emdash;aces can be played over ANYTHING, it's the only card that can be played over a king (except a 2, of course), and the only card that can be played over it is another ace or a two. The point? SAVE YOUR ACES!!!

Also, though they say 2 is a wild card, it can't be played over a 3. And an ace can't be played over a 3 or 4. Weird? I think so! :) So it's a good idea to hang on to a J, Q, K, or other big even/odd cards.


1) Don't use your aces, 2s, or kings unless you absolutely have to. If I had to list the cards from least valuable to most valuable, they would be: 5s, 4s, 3s, 6s, 7s, 8s, 9s, Js, 10s, Qs, Ks, 2s, and Aces. So use up your cards in approximately that order. 4s might be less valuable than 5s, I dunno, because only even numbers can be played on top of 4s, same with 3s. And Ks might be more valuable than 2s because it can be played over any card but As and 4s, while the only card that can be played over it is an ace or 2. Anyway, that's just one way of looking at it! :)

2) Play as less valuable a card as possible, according to that scale I mentioned above.

3) Try VERY hard to not pick up the stack, especially if the stack contains many cards. You just might miss a good card. In my second game I picked up the stack because I forgot aces had total control. :( Fortunately the stack only had 2 cards. :)

4) Try to ALWAYS have an ace, two, and king on hand. Don't use these cards (especially ace) unless there's no other alternative.

5) With the exception of 2s and Aces (maybe kings too), if you have more than one card of the same value, play both of them. (With the exception if all you have left in your hand is, say, 3 aces.)

6) If you have 3 cards of the same value, and are sure someone else has the other one, or KNOW for sure that the person at the right or left has the card, SAVE IT! Take a pad and pencil, record which cards are in the stack, and whoever picks up the stack has those cards. Then, as the person plays it off, erase those cards and add it to the stack pile. (Note, suit is not important, only the value). If the card which you have 3 of is gone, because someone cleared the pile, or the middle guy has it, go ahead and play it. If the person at the left has it, wait till they play it before playing (so they can't complete the set and get an extra turn), and same goes with the person at the right, in which case you can complete the set and get an extra turn! :) However, if you only know that 1 o' them has it but not sure which, try to wait it off unless there's no other alternative. Or, if the card value is 7 or under, don't wait too long, since you might end up not being able to even play that card! There's also one exception to this rule. (e.g. If someone put down a 3. I have an Ace, a 2, and 3 5s. Go ahead and put down 3 5s!) Who cares if the person after you has the other five? You might not get another chance to play your 5s (since it's a relatively small number), and remember to always save your 2s and Aces till the last moment!

7) Always complete a set when possible! Come on, its an extra turn! :)

8) Save tens till the stack is reasonably big (6 or more). Don't use it when there's only 2 cards! It's a fairly big number but if someone else plays a 3, J, Q, K, or Ace then you're basically outta there! Remember that 2s and Aces are still more valuable!

9) There's one exception to always saving aces. If the person after you is about to win, and the chance of them having a 2 or Ace is slim/impossible, the stack is over 2 cards, play the Ace. You might knock 'em out! :)


1) Basically the rules are the same as the cards in your hand except you can only play one card at a time. :( All other rules apply, and remember ACES AND 2S RULE!!!


1) These care EXTREMELY tricky cards. Once I was very close to winning but my face down card was not legal and I got the whole stack of 15 cards! :( Talk about rotten luck! I did get 170 NPs though, because I managed to scrape in after Myncha.

2) There's no use in even contemplating which cards are in, because even if u know, u wont be able to tell which of those three cards are which. Its a lucky guess. This can be crucial in the outcome of your game, but there's no way at all to guess! That can be extremely frustrating. Well, just go by your instincts!


First off, remember to use the list of values. Then take a pad of paper and pencil to keep track. It pays off. Also, HAVE FUN, and GO GO GO for it! :) -^.^-

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How to Play and Win Go Go GO!!
by cinderflea

First off... I'll explain in detail how to play. It can get confusing, so I won't go too into depth (it's only because I want everyone to understand and play this cool game!).

Object: To be the first player to get rid off all your cards

Getting started: You are dealt 9 cards. 3 in your hand, 3 in the face up pile, and 3 in the face down pile. There is also a play pile (the stack), and a draw pile.

How to play: You always start the game. To begin, you must play a card from your hand that has an equal or higher value then the card in the stack (Aces are high). If you cannot play a card, then you must take the stack and those cards then go into your hand. You can play more then one card at a time from your hand, as long as they are the same number. You will always start off your turn with at least 3 cards as long as there is a pile to draw from. Once the draw pile is gone, you no longer draw cards, and you just play with what is in your hand until you have no more cards in your hand. Then you begin to play with your face-up pile. You can only play one card at a time from this pile. If you cannot play a valid card, the computer will take the lowest card from your face-up pile, and put it in your hand along with the stack you have to pick up, since you don't have a valid card to play. Once your face-up pile is gone, you move to your face-down pile. This is pure luck. You click on the card and hope it's a good one. If it is... you're lucky and play continues as normal. If not, then you get the stack in your hand, along with the card you chose from the face-down pile. If you get rid of all your cards first, You Win!!! You get NP's, and you move on to the next round. If you don't get rid of them first, but you're not last, you still get NP's, but you don't get to advance. If you are the last... you get nothing! Still with me? Good! Now on to other things...

Special cards: 2 's are wild. They can be put on top of any card EXCEPT a 3. But a 2 still has a value of two. Meaning, you can put any card on top of a 2.

3's - When a three is played, the next card played must have an odd value (3, 5, 7, 9, J, K)

4's - When a four is played, the next card played must have an even value (2, 4, 6, 8, 10, Q, A)

10's - When you play a ten you clear the stack. This means that those cards are taken out of play for the rest of the game. You then get to go again. *Note* You can also clear the stack by getting all four of the same suit in a row. (Example- the person in front of you plays one 8, you follow on your turn by playing three 8's... the pile is then cleared and you can go again. Same if you play all four cards of the same suit)

And that's all there is to playing the game. Now for my strategy...

I always play the lowest cards possible. You might be able to mess the other players up by playing high cards so they have to pick up the deck, but then you mess yourself up when you don't have anything to play on your next turn. Even if I get to start the pile, I always want to get rid of the lowest card (Remember that 2's are wild though!!!) I always save my 2's and aces for last. I only play those when necessary. Use the tens wisely! If you only have 2 cards in your hand, and one of them is the 10... use it if possible, then you'll get to play your other card and you're hand will be gone!

It just takes practice to learn how to play. But don't give up! You get about 200 NP when you complete that game, and I got a bronze trophy after winning 3 games (I don't know if you always get this... but it's worth trying for). It's a great game, and I hope this helps you to learn it. If you have any questions...neomail me! I'd be happy to help.
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