Food Club
The Food Club
by: babyxangel247

These 20 NeoPets have never had it so good. They're a member of NeoPets Food Club. The Food Club is an eating contest and the NeoPet who eats the most food the fastest wins! All you have to do it predict the winner and bid on them. Easy, you say? Well, not quite.

The Food Club involves slightly more research than just looking at each contestants wins and losses. These hungry NeoPets' odds are based on weight, strength, favourite foods, and allergies. The trick is to look at the courses being served during that round and check out all the contestants. It can take a while to be sure, but the rewards are well worth it.

For example, if there was a lot of meat and Negg courses being served in his round, Young Sproggie would be a good contestant to bid on because meats and Neggs happen to be this chubby Meerca's favourite! On the other hand, if there were also a lot of gross foods being curved, that's something this Meerca's isn't fond of and you might want to try someone else.

My advice to you? Don't look at the contestants first. Look at the courses. Jot down the different types of food being served in the round and how many of each. From that you can determine what types of contestant you're looking for. If, say, there is a lot of candy, you know you have to look for a NeoPet who's fond of that (and lets face it, what NeoPet isn't?!). From your list, you can then start looking at your different contestant choices.

Can't decide between two contestants? Not a problem, after looking at their likes and dislikes, move on to weight and strength. A heavier NeoPet is more likely to win because they can eat more and eat faster. The LAST thing you should look at is the wins and losses. Remember, there is a first for everything and their scores really don't matter. Also, don't be fooled by their odds. The odds change all the time and many a NeoPet has won the contest when the odds were NOT in their favour!

Also, the amount of Neopoints you can bid, is determined by how long you have been on NeoPets, but don't be discouraged if you're a Newbie. There are still lots of Neopoints to be won and your bid amount is constantly increasing. To gain the most of our the Food Club just remember to keep coming back every day. It's well worth your time and effort.

Lastly, and maybe most importantly, you must remember to CLAIM YOUR WINNINGS! You do not get the points automatically credited to your account. You must come and claim them yourself. And if your winnings are not claimed within seven days (one week) after the match has ended. Remember to always read the contest Rules before entering a contest. Good luck!
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