Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
My Guide To Evil Fuzzles from Beyond the Stars
by: arthurbulla

Hi! Well, I'm not trying to say that the past Evil Fuzzles Guide was bad, but, well, I think I've got an easier way to do this. I have gotten scores of up to 4,000+ on this game, without cheating, and every time I play, I've gotten about 1,000 NP. Ok, I'm getting cocky, I can't help it! Anyways, on with the guide! I can't tell you where to stop, but while the high score tables are down, I'd suggest getting to 1,000 points, and then letting the Evil Fuzzles devour your suit. ; )

Well, your settings will have to let you be able to get to fuzzles on opposite sides of the screen on time, which means, too high, and your mouse drags, and too low, and the fuzzles go really, really fast! So, on my computer, I usually play 1024x768, with Medium as Quality. Once you load up, have your mouse ready on the mouse, because as soon as you press Begin, you're off!

I'd advise you to try and get 24+ fuzzles before you hit the bonus. If you can't get that far, then get as many fuzzles as possible, and try and hit 4 fuzzles in the last 100 m, when it says "Approaching Station." And if you're really nervous, hit 2 fuzzles when you see "Approaching Station." This way, you'll make the most out of your bonus. Also, never buy smart bombs, or stun bombs. The past article said that the only way to kill the far-right hand evil fuzzle is with a smart bomb, but that is untrue! You can shoot slightly off-screen, and the fuzzle will be destroyed! There are special bonus rules when you get to ultimate fuzzles, so wait till then…

1st Level
I, personally, think that the first level is actually one of the hardest. The fuzzles are small, and they come at you fast! If you mess up, you have to start over! My advice is to hit as many fuzzles as possible, not missing one, and hit any mines coming at you down the middle. Only attack side mines if you have the time, or else you'll miss a fuzzle, and have to start over again. Try to get at least 90 points on this level. And then, buy a mega gun level two and a radar.

2nd - 6th Levels
These levels get easier the further you go, because the fuzzles get bigger and easier to hit, while still only taking 1 hit. Important: Always buy the next level gun in the store, but never take 2 at once. Also, ONLY, buy the next level gun, as you cannot get enough points in one game, to buy a whole gun. SAVE YOUR VIRTUCREDS. Ok, no more yelling. ; ) Now, by the 5th store, you have all the guns! So you'll have to spend the rest of your virtucreds on droids. Try to buy as many droids as possible, but buy one shield.

7th - End
This is where it gets tricky, especially the 7th level. You have to learn to double-click the ultimate fuzzles. On the 7th level, you get both semi-ultimate (1 hit), and ultimate (2 hit) fuzzles, so watch which ones you double click! Here's where the ultimate fuzzle bonus rule comes in. I have never gotten a multiplier past 3, so when you get to 10x3, hit that Bonus! It will get you the same points if you hit 2 10x3's than if you hit one 20x3! And, if you mess up, you've got back up! Another Important (which means capitals—sorry. ; ) ) Rule is: As soon as you have all the droids installed, BUY SHIELDS! Put them on! Buy the limit! But, again, never, ever, buy smart/stun Bombs. To me, they're useless! No more rules! Yippee! If you're lucky, you can get to 1,000 points by Station 8!

This ends my guide on, as I like to call it, Evil Fuzzles. Remember, getting a high score is useless without a high score table, and, as always, have fun! Go destroy those fuzzles!
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