Professor Little Lysshu's NeoGame Guide to Dice-A-Roo
by: littlelysshu

Hi again players! This week's review is for what I feel is the ULTIMATE in random acts of Gaming…Dice-A-Roo. Now I have to confess I have NEVER won the jackpot or even gotten to the Silver Dice. This week's Guide won't tell you how to win, because there's no way I know of besides LUCK to do that! Even making sacrifices to Pango Pango doesn't help. It will tell you how to keep a positive attitude and not get frustrated when the skull and bones dice comes up, and how to make as many NP and other fabulous prizes off of this game as possible!

The Dice

1) The Red Die: This is the beginning die and doesn't offer any prizes, and only mediocre Neopoint wins and losses I personally always hope to get a Level Up quickly.

2) The Blue Die: This doesn't offer any prizes, but it does have the new "O Nothing Happens" die. The wins and losses are greater; but I still hope to get a Level Up before too long.

3) The Green Die: Now things start getting good! Prizes of food are given out, as well as the "Mystic Wind" question mark die. Most common food prizes I've noticed are Baby Food and meat products. Occasionally though you can get Neggs.

4) The Yellow Die: Here the prizes and winnings get wonderfully huge. Of course the losses can also be huge…but that's all part of the excitement! Here you can win lottery tickets, more food and more Mystic Winds. Now unfortunately there's no guarantee that the Lottery Tickets will win…but you never know!

5) The Silver Die: Well…here we are, the "final" level. I have no idea what's here because I've never EVER seen it. But I know the jackpot is here somewhere!

Little Lysshu's Dice Advice

1) Don't play for Neopoints! If you do you'll get frustrated at the repeated losses and stop playing. This game can be a LOT of fun, if you go at it with the right attitude.

2) Play for FOOD! A food item, even the cheapest ones they give out, will easily reimburse you for the rounds you've played before hand.

3) If you ever get the feeling you should stop playing, DO IT. I've had 50 + NP and had the feeling I should stop. I didn't…and the VERY NEXT DIE thrown was the lose die. So trust me!

4) Don't be disappointed if you don't ever win the jackpot. The odds aren't in your favour…just go in there to have fun!

There you go, my advice on how to have the most fun at Dice-A-Roo without having to worry about getting a ton of NP or prizes. That, I find, just adds frustration and detracts from the enjoyment of the game. By the way…if any of you out there have EVER won the jackpot…kudos to you! See you later players! Keep smiling!
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