Deck Swabber
Just Bouncing for Dubloons
by: sweet_rhianna

I have noticed the high demand for Dubloons since the introduction of the Swashbuckling Academy, and felt that there will be plenty of Neopians needing some handy hints for hopping around the Deckswabber boards.


Cannon: This one is pretty dense, you can quickly zip by this enemy and they will barely notice that you were there.

Mynci: He is slightly more intelligent, he has a higher likelihood of being where you don't want him to be. Though the same rule as the cannon applies.

Techo: This guy is an utter pain-in-the-neck… he will follow you around. You have to be very cunning to get past this guy. Be very aware of the timing of each of the Techos jumps, only this way can you keep ahead when he is hanging around the tiles you need. On more difficult levels you may have to lead him to an area which only has two exit points so are you may carry on with the uncoloured tiles in slight peace. And if you thought one Techo is bad try two!! If you see a sword you can sometimes maneuver a Techo near one, and thus if you are lucky removing one pest!

Kiko: Just avoid him at all costs!! I haven't as yet met him and I am not looking forward to it. I hope he isn't as annoying as the Techos

Handy Hint: If an enemy is sitting on your very last square (the one that would finish the level), just jump on it cause you don't lose any health points before the level score pops up!


There are two types:

The square is annoying but in the lower levels it isn't a disaster if it goes off before you manage to disarm it.

The cross will remove the color from all vertical and horizontal squares, get to this box at all costs… unless you think you can finish the level before it detonates.


There are two types of treasure, coins or chests. If you see a chest get to it at all costs, cause the time lost will probably be worth it! Coins are good to go for in the lower levels, though if you are in a higher level and near the end, don't bother with the 5 and 10 coins. These two will only give you one point, and if you have to discolor 10 squares before reaching them and you have Techos on your trail… you will probably lose time and health finishing.


Don't bother going after the flag unless you have lost health points. If you are on a high level sometimes it may not be worth the 2 extra health points gained, versus undoing a lot of your work in the process of getting it.


For each level figure out what is the best, quickest way around the board for you…assuming that no enemies or treasure will detour you. Then follow this route as best as possible, avoiding enemies, and going after treasure etc. as you see fit. Sometimes as much as I try this does not work cause the unpredictable always happens in this game, so don't worry if it takes a bit of practice figuring out what works for you.

On levels where there are places that have only 2 'exits' try and get these over and done with first because there is nothing worse than an enemy popping up there preventing you from finishing the game.

Always check what happens when you jump on a square, this can change what is the best route around the level easily. I can remember when I came across my first level where it needed to be all green, I had finished all red, and I sat there in confusion trying to figure out why I wasn't finished!

On some levels don't be afraid to go one forward, one back then one forward, to get where you want to get. Sometimes this is the best way to finish a section.

If I told you what to do for each level we would be here for hours, so follow the above hints and guides and you should be able to get your first Dubloon.


Dubloons are gained at above 300 points, Two Dubloon Coin at 500+ points, and a Five Dubloon Coin at 700+ points Let me know if you get more if you go higher than that, which I will be working on!

Good luck and I hope your scores get higher after reading this.
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