Code Breakers
Code Breakers

The Hard Way

The Basics:

1. There are 6 different colored stones.
2. There are 10 chances to get the right answer.
3. Once you push go it will give you little lines, red lines mean you got it the right color and in the right spot, white lines mean you got the right color but NOT the right spot.
4. If your dumb (unsmart, low I.Q., stupid, etc.) this is not the game for you, go try something like gormball. This is an intelligence based game, therefore you need intelligence.
5. Basic math skills should be used also.

Now that we've covered the basics lets move on to how to play.

How to play:

1. You click on the stone to change the color.
2. Push 'go' once you're ready to submit it.
3. If at first you don't suckseed tri tri again.
4. If at phirst you dont succeed tri try again.
5. If at first you don't succeed try try again.
6. Remember: you only get 10 chances.

By now you should know how to play the game, if not then you must be ... dumb (unsmart, low I.Q., stupid, etc.), or just not a good reader. So try reading it over, if you do know how then please continue on with this wonderfually really cool article I wrote all by my self.

How I play ... and a few tips:

1. I always start by pushing 'start game'.
2. Once you've done that your ready for the next step.
3. Always start off the game by saying 'go' which means it will tell you how many reds you have.
4. If there are some red lines/white lines you know that there are some reds in there. A red line would mean there is a red stone in there somewhere that's in the correct spot. If you had a white line (or two ... ) then there are still red stones in the but they are in the wrong spot.
4a. If you had a no white lines go on to step 5, if you had white lines go to 4b.
4b. Since you have a white line try rearranging them until all the white lines turn red. Tip: while rearranging them take the number of white/red lines and add them together, then subtract that number from four and turn the number you got into white codestones.
5. Now that you know how many red stones you have, and you should know where they are, try this: keep all the red ones, that you know stay there, in the same spot and turn the rest white, or if you know there are no whites (from the tip I gave you in 4b) then move on to the next color.
6. Continue doing steps between 3 and 6 until you win.

O.K. Now you know a few of my tips, if your confused now, leave, this is a confusing game guide but not quite as confusing as the game.

The story way

Now I will give you a story I wrote about figuring it out, just pretend you're walking in Joe's shoes (size 8 1/2s).

Hi, my name's Joe. I'm going to go play codebreaker now. See you later.

Later on ...

Oh, I see you made it here to, do you know how to play codebreaker? ... No? Want me to teach you? .... O.K. then I will.

While playing codebreaker ...

This is how I play, just watch carefully, I always start off by playing all reds ... see now I know that I have 1 red line and 1 white line, that means two total reds, now I switch two colors to white (or what ever the next color in the order is), I choose two because I added the number of white and red lines together, then subtract that number from 4 to get 2.

All right! I now know this order: red ... ... red. Now I just need two more, knowing that none are white (because no other white/red lines appeared when I switch two to white), I switch the two whites to the next color in order.

Look ... Now I know this order red ... green red, now I only need one more, lets change the wrong green one to, purple ... oh ... that wasn't it, lets try orange. YESSSS! I won, and got a new high score! Now I'm in eight place.

Now you should know how to beat the game. If not your ... stup .... not very good at this game and you should try another. After all, it only took me 5 out of 10 rounds.

The Math way:

Here we use advanced algebra:

r - red lines
w - white lines
x - means the total number you got

r (ex. 1)
+w (ex. 1)
x (answer is 2)

x - means total from above question
y - means answer you got in this question

4 - x (2) = y (2)

Therefore you take away y reds and turn them white.

If you get more red and white lines from using the white colored stones then do this.

x - number from above
m - more lines that you got
n- new answer

x (2, same as above)
+m (ex. 1)
n (answer 3)

Then ...

n - answer from above

4 - n (3) = 1

So, you change one white to green, if the green isn't right, change it to the next color, then the next, keep going until it is done.
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