Faerie Cloud Racers
Faerie Cloud Racers
by: themissy11

Basic Gameplay
Basically, this game is a game of survival. You fly around, using the arrow keys to change direction, and try not to hit the walls, your opponent, or the trail left behind anywhere you or your opponent has been. This is not as easy as it sounds... It gets harder later in the game, as the opponents get smarter. In the first level, you often don't have to do anything, as opponents set traps for themselves!

The best way to win this game is to set a trap for your opponent. You want to get them into a smaller space than the one you have to manoeuvre, causing them to run out of space first. My personal favourite trap starts right at the beginning, and almost always works. When the game starts, you will be headed straight for your opponent. Wait a second, then turn North, then East again. Now turn North then West, head for the wall, and at the last moment, turn South. This creates a trail that blocks off the West end of the field. Then turn East, and block off the Eastern edge the same way, turning towards the area with the larger space (preferably without your opponent). That way you cut the field in half, and are able to concentrate on your own flying without worrying about traps. Also, Miamouse has slower animation for some reason. The game lags when you or your opponent are Miamouse, so be sure to be extra careful to change directions slightly earlier.

Neopoint Reward
The Neopoint Reward may be small for those of us who are computer challenged (my comp is REALLY slow, making those quick changes of direction annoying), we can get around 300 NP per play. On the other hand, this game is extremely fun.

This game has a multi-player mode, allowing you to play with a friend. This is even more fun, as you have to outwit another person, instead of the computer players!
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