Chomby and the Fungus Balls
The Mostly Complete Guide to Chomby and the Fungus Balls
by: svet_lana

Chomby and the Fungus Balls is a great game which allows you to have about 2800 NP and 3 magical Chomby plushies in only three games. It isn't a very hard game if you follow my easy steps. You shouldn't have too much trouble getting to level 8 and having 800 points (just enough to get a Magical Plushie). One more thing before we start.... Make sure you have read the rules before reading this! Ready? So, let's get cracking!

1st level: It is pretty easy. All you have to do is go to the right, avoiding the two mushrooms. In the revolving door, go to the top space. Wait for a Fungus ball to be at the bottom and go through the 'door'. Now, the Fungus ball should be out! Get the key star. Go through the door, and try going at the bottom, to the lock star. Congratulations! You passed your first level!!

2nd level: At the start, go straight to the left, wait for the first mushroom to pass above and through the revolving door. Careful! There is a fungus ball out there! When you pick the key star, you have two choices. You can either go back to the little room with mushrooms to the other side, or pass at the top tunnel, then down through the revolving door to the lock star. Whatever you choose, you can easily pass. Next, please!

3rd level: The one I hate the most. It is pretty hard, but you can do it! It may take you more then once to get through, but be patient! There is a great reward out there! As the game starts, go to the TOP then left to enter a tunnel with two mushrooms and a Fungus ball. There is another Fungus ball, outside, so if he enters the tunnel with mushrooms, you're pretty much dead... Try and wait for the Fungus ball and both mushrooms to pass before making your move. Don't wait to much or the second Fungus ball will get you!

An important note: Mushrooms in this level always go clockwise unless they are disturbed by a Fungus ball. So, fast, try and go into the middle room, with two mushrooms. Get in, and follow them until you reach a space where you can sneak into the room with the key star. Relax for a second and look around. If you see that the second Fungus ball is still outside, make your move! Out, follow the two mushrooms again to get out of the room, try as fast as you can to get out of the room with two mushrooms and a Fungus ball too! Careful! Get to the lock star and your done! If you get killed, not to worry. Each death takes 5 points of the total. And as fast as you go, the more points you can get! So, try your best and be patient!!

4th level: Looks awfully hard, doesn't it? Not to worry! Follow carefully the steps and you will win in no time! First, remark the Fungus ball rolling around and preventing you to move. Once he is out of sight (at the bottom, or heading away from you) make your move to the TOP. Pay attention to a little space they give you to hide at the top. Fungus ball never touches it, so you could hide there in case. Go to the small space with your first mushroom. He goes clockwise too. Wait for him to pass and immediately follow his route to get out of there. If you miss it the first time and don't go through but feel like you have time, run clockwise until you reach it again. Try, try and try! You will get it! That is what you would do to all three. The fourth one should be too much trouble, but make sure where you go and don't hold the 'left' or 'right' button to long! Make your way out the same as in. Then, it all about patience. Pay attention to the lock star and the Fungus ball guarding it. It shouldn't be too hard! Just make sure that if you feel like he's going to get you, go right in the center, he never goes there.

5th level: This level is all about speed and know what you're doing and where you're going. As the level starts, run left, but not all the way, about half way. Go down, pay attention to all the mushrooms and Fungus balls. Go to the left, into the revolving door. Do the same when you come back. It's a fun level, so no biggy. Once you win, it seems like the game froze. Just press the space bar and you'll be all right!

6th level: Not too hard. Notice (if you can, but don't spend too much time doing that!) that another Fungus ball is introduced. A brown one. I don't know what it does though! Sorry :( ! Anyway. Wait where you are until about two mushroom leave the center room. Then go in through the opening right next (right) to you. Take the key star and run all the way to the left and up. The lock star is there, careful though!

7th level: Oh, Bacon Belly Buster, I hate this level. But if you pass it, you can celebrate the precious glory! Anyway, wait where you are until this brown Fungus ball is out of the way. Don't wait more then 5 seconds though. Try and pass through the bottom, and don't go up until you pass that little block. Go up, careful mushroom, and through the door. Take the key star. Try and go the same way to the lock star. If everything is fine, you win!

There are more levels coming but I never passed any of them. And I don't have to because I just got a good 800 NPs and a Magical Chomby Plushie you can sell at your shop.

A very helpful tip! - If you suddenly die right next to the lock star, don't worry to much! After pressing 'enter' to try again, our beloved NeoPets Team gives you an extra 2 seconds to make so moves. So, basically, your dead and the lock star is two spaces to the right away, press 'enter' and press the 'right' bottom RIGHT away and you will move. Then, if you got to the lock star, two things will appear. One saying to press enter and try again the other to press space and move on. Press space (duh!).

Hope you enjoyed reading my LONG research on Chomby and the Fungus Balls and I hope you'll enjoy playing it! Best of Luck!
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