Chia Bomber
Chia Bomber: Bomb With the Best
by: peregrine64
A few weeks ago, the NeoPetís Gameshow Better Than You decided to run the competition on the fantastic game Chia Bomber. I saw that there were only 1000 or so people that had beaten the score and realised that there was plenty of opportunity for me to get a medal and a rare item. I completed the game with a score high enough to break the record and received my prize. Two days later when I checked, the competition still hadnít been completed. It was then that I realised that Chia Bomber was a game many players many players were not familiar with, so I decided to write an article helping people to get better at this underrated game.

Starting the game:
The start of a game can almost determine the outcome, and a good start can help get that point total up where it should be. After a but of study I found that most of the enemies continued along the path until they hit the bottom of the screen where they go off in their own directions. I thought there must be a way to use this to my advantage, and there was. My opening strategy is to go up one row, then across and drop a mine in the path of the first five enemies (as shown in the illustration below). In the first couple of levels, if everything goes right, this strategy can guarantee a quick win which will get you bonus points for time. If an enemy changes path before it hits the mine, donít worry, the abandoned mine can be used equally well later in the game.
General combat:
There are certain ways of defeating an enemy that are better than others. For example, never shoot at an enemy when they are facing you, that is the easiest way to get hit and ruin your chances for a successful game. Always sneak up on an enemy from behind, or ambush it from the side. Both these options have much more chance of you leaving the encounter alive, which leaves more opportunity for you to attack the other enemies. If you are being followed by an enemy, which does happen, then try to use an abandoned mine to your advantage. Simply lure your stalker over to the mine, then walk over it. Since it is your mine you will be safe, but if the stalker follows you then they will be destroyed.
Chia Bomber tips:
Some enemies are stronger than others require more shots to be eliminated. Anything other than green has more than one hit point. Remember this when attacking, as you may shoot them from behind, then they may turn around and hit you. You would have to start the round again just because you didnít take a little common sense.

Never let yourself be surrounded by enemies. If more than two enemies are close to you, get out of there and find a safer spot.

And as a final tip, I will turn to the words of James Bond, "always have an escape plan."

I hope this article has helped you all become better Chia Bomber players, and the high score table may become a little bit harder to get on.
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