Carnival of Terror
Shoot Those Pie-throwing Creatures!
by: comradebuh
Oh no, it's the Chia Clowns! Aren't they those evil creatures from the Battledome? The evil creations of Dr. Sloth? Shouldn't I turn around and not play this game? Nonsense. Carnival of Terror is a fun game, and a good way to earn Neopoints too. You just need a strategy to make a lot of NP, which I will help you with.

The Enemies & Items

There are six different kinds of enemies to beat, and some of them give more points than the other ones. I've read an article on this game that gave other enemy point values, then I checked personally. I think the enemy point value of the game has been changed, so I will list the new values below.

Chia Clown head: When you see a Chia Clown falling down or walking around, and you shoot it in the head, it changes into some brown kind of robot, which I'll discuss later. Anyway, for every Chia Clown head you hit, you get two game points, which you can also count as two Neopoints, since the game points are exactly worth as much as Neopoints.

Chia Clown arm: When you shoot a Chia Clown in one of his two arms the arm will disappear. Unfortunately, you don't get any points for this : ( So I suggest you don't shoot any Chia Clowns in the arm because it's only a waste of ammo.

Chia Clown feet: When you shoot a Chia Clown in his feet, a Chia Clown head crawling on his arms will remain. Shooting a Chia Clown in its feet will again give you two points, but the Chia Clown can explode, though.

Brown Robot: When you shoot a Chia Clown head, the brown robot will remain. It looks pretty silly, not like the happy Chia Clown anymore. Anyway, killing a brown robot will give you two additional points. When you shoot a Chia Clown and it's dead in one shot it will count as a brown robot.

Umbrella: The umbralla is no real enemy, but when a Chia Clown is flying down and you shoot the umbrella, you will get two points. When you shoot the Chia Clown from a high place, it will not survive the fall. However, if you shoot it close to the ground it won't die, but you will still get the points for it.

Pies: No, pies aren't nice in this game. As a matter of fact, they're pretty dangerous. But the good news is that they aren't worth two points, but three points! You HAVE TO hit these when they come flying towards you, because if you don't, you'll get some damage, and we don't want that to happen, do we? :)

Clock: Now, we'll go on with the items. The clock will give you extra time, one of the three things that can kill you. When the red clock in the right bottom has made a full circle, you'll die because you have run out of time. This is the most common cause of death, because clocks are pretty rare, so make sure you always get these.

Brown box: The brown box will give you extra ammo. You can see how much ammo you have left in the black meter. The more colored it gets, the less ammo you will have left over. You can easily save ammo by not shooting around like a crazy maniac and by taking all of the brown boxes. When your meter is full you will die, with the cause of death being that you ran out of bullets.

Health box: The health box looks like a white box with a red cross on it. It'll give you extra health, which is displayed under the ammo meter. You see the red crosses, that's your health. You can lose health by getting hit by pies, so shoot those pies! When your health meter runs out you will die, with the cause of death being that you were out of health.

Those were all the enemies and items. It's pretty useful to know something about them, so now let's move on to the strategies.


There are a few strategies to shoot the clowns. You can just keep shooting at them, but there are some ways to earn more points while shooting. Most of the times you'll just shoot them out of the air or just shoot them. If they are coming from the air, no matter how high they are, just try to shoot their umbrella. Don't be busy with one Chia Clown for too long, because there are still a lot of others to destroy as well. So, if you shoot off their umbrella while they're close to the ground, you will still have a Chia Clown left over which can give you some points.

The way you can get the most points with one Chia Clown is to first shoot the umbrella, then shoot his head off, then you shoot the feet, then last but not least finish the whole thing by shooting the brown robot. This strategy takes some time, so only use it when a Chia Clown is very very close. Always remember that there are still a lot of other Chia Clowns left.

As I already said above, you can shoot Chia pieces off before they actually die, so always try to shoot off some pieces first. Don't kill the Chia Clown in one shot.

These are all the strategies I can give you. Carnival of Terror is a great way to earn NP, if you know how to play it. Now that you know that, I wish you good luck at playing the game. I hope you have fun, and if you still have some questions which I didn't mention in my article, or if you just want to tell me what you think about my article, you can always neomail me.
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