Part the mists and be welcome to Avalonian Templo.

Hear the water lap against the pebbled shore as a water bird cries out through the heavy cloud. Before you a hooded barge makes her way slowly through the curtain of fog, the oars gently dipping into the grey water.
Step into the swaying boat and push off the land.
The mists swirl around you, cold and alien against you skin. Wrap your cloak tighter, as you disappear like a wraith. Suddenly, a hill rises up out of the greyness, a fire burning brightly upon her top. Softly you hear chanting, and as your boat touches land you feel the power grow beneath your feet.

You have arrived.

Feel your way through the heavy fog, to the top of the Tor. There they await you, to welcome you, and initiate you into the Old ways.

Feel the power of the Avalonian Templo before you.
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