Lair of the Storyteller.
Hi, this is Shade. I'm starting this site because the prodding of my friends, along with the inspiration from a few, has finally prompted me to do so...things are probably gonna be slow at first, mostly because all my short stories are still written on paper...feel free to look around and feedback is welcome. I can be reached at: [email protected]
The Guardians.
Most of my stories are about this elemental team. I invented them when I was a kid and they are an ongoing project.
Talia the Violet, Prince Amerin, and the Swords of the Darklighters:
What happens when a writer decides that she despises elves......she creates evil ones...
Miscellanous Stories:
Cause I write a lot and my mind wanders....
Thanks, gratitude, prayer, and links to my fellow obsessed author....
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