Problem of the Heart, Solved by Chemistry
(Too Many Suitors, What to do, What to do?)
            There was once a lady who just loved Chemistry! Everything around her were byproducts of Chemistry.
    The colored glass on her windows, the rayon made clothes she wore, the shoes and bags which completed her outfit, the nailpolish on her fingers and toes, the make up she wore and the spraynet to hold her hair in place.
    "I just love Chemistry!" she blurted out as her breakfast was served on silver platters. She used ceramic plates and stainless steel spoons and forks.
    That night the lady's three suitors arrived.
    "Gentlemen!" Fluorine announced. "I will say YES to the man who can give me something representing everything in Chemistry! I will wait for you tomorrow night."
    The three suitors: Aurum, Kalium and Osmium came back the next evening. Two of them were loaded with goods that you could no longer see the person carrying the items, while one of them just walked calmly inside.
    When Fluorine came down, Aurum immediately stood up and presented his offerings to her.

     "Fluorine, I brought you pots, pans, clothes, shoes, plastic containers and cosmetics." said Aurum waiting expectantly for Fluorine's response.
    "Thank you, Aurum." Fluorine said looking unhappy.
    The words were still on her lips when Osmium quickly stood up and presented his offerings to her.
    "Fluorine!" said Osmium proudly, "there is no need to choose among the three of us. I am the sure winner of this contest!"
    "I have brought you all the jewels which can be found in the world. Gold, silver, diamonds, rubies, sapphires, jades, and many more. I even brought you metals like bronze, tin, copper and others." Osmium looked expectantly at Fluorine.
    "Thank you, Osmium." Fluorine replied, not looking pleased with his actions.
    "What do you have for me Kalium?" Fluorine asked softly for she knew that of the three, he was the one who did not have the wealth to spend on material things.
    "I brought you what you asked for. I hope it pleases you." After saying these words Kalium gave Fluorine a rolled up paper tied with a ribbon.
    "You have given me what I asked for!" Fluorine said excitedly.
1. Draw or insert a picture, or clipart of what you believe Kalium gave Fluorine.
Use the sites below to get ideas for what you need if you need it.
How to Draw
2. Make a love letter out of the Chemical Symbols in the Periodic Table of Elements. (Note: Make sure you use the proper way in writing the chemical symbols.)
Use the sites below to assist you.
Format of a Letter
Periodic Table of Elements
Periodic Table of Elements II
3. Give your own example of byproducs of Chemistry found in your homes.
Use the sites below to assist you.
Chemistry Byproducts
What's in your home?
For the THIRD YEAR STUDENTS of Basak Night High School! All you need to do is to present to your chemistry teacher the item which Flourine asked for from her three suitors.
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