1. This person worked on mutagens, antimutagens and bio - organic mechanisms. The books of this person are used as textbooks in college chemistry in many schools throughout the country. Who is this?
2. This person worked on local materials especially coconut as the renewable source of chemicals and fuels. Who is this?
3. This person reserched on properties of starch and protein and other grain constituents in relation to grain quality of rice. Who is this?
4. This person was recognized for researches in biochemical genetics and cytogenetics. Who is this?
5. This person extracted 33 new Philippine essential oils and studied their chemical and physical properties. The results of these works found applications in the creation of new flavors and in herbal medication.                Who is this?
6. This person worked in the isolation and elucidation of the phaeantharine and other alkaloids from Philippine medicinal plants. Who is this?
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