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I am Nicholas. My friends are Jonas, and Nick. I live in Maine,and attend School (I get straight A's there), I have two dogs (Bonnie and Goldie), four cats (Misty, Shadow, Honey, and Motly.

My mom is running for the house of representitives, and I am in charge of her website.

Some cool places I have been are Brazil, and Denmark. The Yankees, and Patriots are the best.

I like to go skiing, play my sax, read, go swimming, and act. I have two sisters, Jackie and Robyn, and one brother, Judd. I enjoy traveling a lot.

My mom is Barbara, and my dad is Phil, unfortunately they both like the RedSox. We have a lobster style boat, and it is very cool!

Well, that is all there is to say about me (by the way, Bush should never be relected).                                                                                                                


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I am very mad at george w bush, he goes into war based on lies, putes our country in big defisites, relies on saudi arabians to get money, when he finishes a sentence or a bigh word he gets a smirk like he cant believe he managed to say it, but good thing I hear h is about to start attacking kerrys war reckord, showing that he is desperet and going to lose. To find a lot mor stuff like this, got to watch farenheit 911, or go to move on.

Nader is just taking away votes from democrats, can you believe it, the very big right wing conservitibe people are giving him money.

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