WELCOME to Alexei Galore!

Alexei Nemov is famous the world over as an accomplished athlete and sex symbol - all thanks to his brilliant talent in gymnastics and stunning good looks. 

Not only has he won countless championship medals from world and European events, he has 12 Olympic medals under his belt - six from Atlanta and six from Sydney.  His amazing effort has made him the most decorated athlete, from any sport, in both these Games, and has tied him for sixth on the all-time list of Olympic medal winners. 

Alexei celebrating his Sydney Olympics AA win!

Even those who do not follow gymnastics closely can appreciate the fact that his high standards are far above those of his competitors.  He's just the best!

And you would have to be blind not to notice that he is one of the hottest guys alive!  Tucked away among his multiple medals and trophies is his achievement of a rank among the "50 Most Beautiful Guys in the World" by "Young and Modern" magazine in January 1997 - and doesn't he deserve it!

Tucking his chin into his jacket =) How cute!!
Waving to the crowd after winning his AA gold medal!!!

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