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May 25, 2005

Well, it's the end of Nemo's Home. I will however have a new home which is located at :D
May 13, 2005

Happy birthday to me...happy birthday to me :)

May 11, 2005

Happy as a clam.....

So you're reading the weblog of a real live nurse! Only a GN til I take and pass my state boards, but a nurse nonetheless. RN will be after my name soon enough and I can be consoled in the fact that SN (student nurse) will never be the letters following my name again! So yay!

On another extremely exciting note I made a purchase a couple weeks ago even more amazing than the mac mini (which is saying A LOT!). It's flame red....and I can drive it! Yep, it would be a car. Not just ANY car, but MY car! A 2005 flame red dodge Neon. And ya know what? I love it. I suppose being a grown-up does have it's perks from time to time. And when I recently also purchased my pink ipod mini to go with my mini mac...well I was just in heaven. And that real job that I almost had last post...well it's a real job that I actually have..which doesnt start until June 13th which still gives me a month left of relaxing and whatnot :D

But alas, not every day can be fun and exciting. I had my last wisdom tooth dug out of my head this morning. So between the laughing gas, the real anesthesia and the 1 1/2 vicodin I've had today I can only say that I've been better. But the fact that it's now 8:30pm and I my head has stopped spinning enough to let me view my computer screen for awhile I think I'm on my way up :) Until later..

April 6, 2005

I almost have a job! A REAL job! Wooo! 23 days left!...

And I got a mac! A mac that has more than 4 megabytes of ram! (Yes, I said 4!) It's ever so tiny which makes the name "Mac Mini" very appropriate. I'll post a picture if I can ever make my retarded digital camera share the picutre. But, yay!

February 25, 2005 I'm a student nurse right? I dont get paid to be at the Health Center as a student...also correct? So, why in the world am I already in the habit of staying so much later than what I'm scheduled for and getting all stressed cuz my work isnt done? I dont even get PAID for my stress yet! And after being screamed at (as well as lost some of my voice screaming AT a patient who couldnt hear for crap) I had other patients complaining to me about the screaming patient. One of these days someone is going to be upset when they walk down the hall and hear my preceptor and I yelling "OPEN YOUR MOUTH! YOU HAVE TO TAKE YOUR MEDICINE. OPEN YOUR MOUTH!" We then had the family of the screaming woman call the nurse's station roughly ten times asking how she was doing. COME ON PEOPLE! Nurses have more to do that sit by the dam phone waiting for you to call and ask retarded questions. Oh, and when I came home finally, my dad actually had the audacity to ask me "so, when you're at work you just take blood pressures and stuff right?" I almost screamed at HIM. SERIOUSLY! The only time I sat down was to eat my food which just kept me from passing out. And I sat down to chart my notes, but of course I had to stand uncomfortably part of the time b/c stupid people who dont actually need to be stealing all the seats come to look at all our charts. No offense to med and pharmacy students, but give us a break. There are only so many chairs and we get pissy when we just want to sit down for 5 minutes to write in someone's chart. And we actually have a reason to look at the charts. It's annoying to spend 5 minutes of your day searching for someone's chart only to have some other weird student come back with it after starring at it forever.
Sooo...on that note..I'm going to Florida in about a week. It's overdue i think. I actually do enjoy what I'm doing. I just had to vent. It's full moon time which seriously makes the crazies crazier.
And another thing. I thought I hated it here. I dont. I'm not sure what life will bring me, but it cant be all bad right? Spring and then summer is right around the corner. I guess it's just that little thing called change going on. It sometimes makes people do ridiculous things that just make you scratch your head. And maybe get a little pissed off too. But that's for another day...
February 20, 2005

So it's been about a million years since I even looked at this web site-o-mine. I guess other things have just been more important. Like the fact that I'll be a nurse in like less than 2 and half months! Yeah, that's more important. So I'm back in good 'ol Cambridge Springs finishing out my nursing degree at Saint Vincent Health Center. So maybe I'll have a job soon. If anyone reading this gets bored and happens to be in the area, well then why dont you just call me up and we'll be bored together. So I guess that's all for now.
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