Baby Doll

Someone has *GOT* to tell mom to get on the ball...

I am 2 1/2 now and it only took mom a year and a half to update my page!! GO MOM!!!

I am officially the most spoiled child in all of Western NC. I had to put my bed in mommy's room because of all the toys I have. I no longer have Momma Kitty *sniff* she ran away. Mommy says she is still watching out for us though. I start school next September! I am so excited!!

Uh, oh...here comes mommy. It is past my bedtime so I have to go. She is getting really strict on when I have to go ni-ni's. Maybe if I put on a cute face she will give me some "Choc Molk"(aka chocolate milk).

Visit my puppy brothers!!!Go to Puppy World!

Daddy's page!*New...not built yet...Daddy's job*

Mommy's Page!!!still under construction...

Hello....I'm Billy the Basset!*under construction*

Holiday Pictures

Daddy's Little Girl

The Great Flood of 2004

A Hula, Hula HULA!


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(Yes...I am a "Daddy's Girl"...big deal...if ya' don't like it...I got something in my diaper for ya'!)

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