Player Profile Guardians
Those that play in any season of The Ultimate Game are to choose ONE and only ONE of the many choices of reality show contestants. Each season new contestants are added to the list. The contestant they choose will be placed on their profile page. This does NOT represent the player. It is added as a Guardian...just there to look over and offer their luck. Once a contestant has been chosen it can NEVER be chosen again. So, it's first come, first served. Also, only those contestants whose picture are shown are available. All others have either been chosen or their offer has expired. You can choose from any of the TUG matter which season you are playing.

Click on the pictures to be taken to the list.
Big Brother 1(4 left)
Mole 1(6 left)
Survivor 1: Borneo(2 left)
Big Brother 2(6 left)
Mole 2(8 left)
Survivor 2: Australian Outback(6 left)
Amazing Race 1(19 left)
Big Brother 3(6 left)
Survivor 3: Africa(9 left)
Amazing Race 2(22 left)
Big Brother 4(14 left)
Survivor 4: Marquesas(16 left)
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