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Download DXBall2 v1.2
Rename from dbg.bin to dbg.exe and run. This needs to be done because yahoo won't allow exe or cgi stuff uploaded for security reasons. The creators home page is LongBow Digital Arts . For more board sets and a board and image editor visit DxBall Headquarters. To get cheats or allow more than 4 board sets go to my cheat page.

Download Odyssey2 emulator and games
Anyone remember the old Odyssey2? It was released by Phillips/Magnavox in 1978. This archive has the emulator plus 28 of the games. Look how far gaming systems have come. Check out the Odyssey2 homepage. For sound files, additional roms, and a windows frontend, venture to this page.

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This site is mainly a holder for my resume and family pictures, therefore it is pretty vanilla. If it ever looks better than this,
I have way too much time on my hands. You can reach me at [email protected]

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