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  The Badge is a band from southern Louisiana, not too far from New Orleans and Baton Rouge.
The Badge's music is a blend of  old school thrash with a razor sharp edge, and very few songs even containing vocals. The band's current line up includes: Stitch (Backing guitar and vocals), Daniel (Lead guitar and Vocals) and Steve is always a floating member, and that's currently about it.
  We have recorded some stuff and put it on my computer, but it has been taken off the site because of new material that were writing. Check back often for updates.

  Currently, we arent playing because we need a drummer/bassist. But were i'm still trying to create our music. This is a project that has been underway for quite some time, and its just now gettin hot. Our music means alot to us all, and we wont ever stop. Powered by a wall of big ass marshalls, we will take over the metal scene for good. With sounds that are a cross between Black Label Society  and Pantera, how the hell can you go wrong?
Update: most music is posted. this website will make good progress with my current connection. See Ya in tha funny papers! try to get those videos and more pics.

Update: Vid Wouldn't work.  No big deal, we'll just make some actual videos and put em on here, lol.

Update: Sorry bout not updating in a while. Been busy.  Name has changed to The Badge.  Also, the songs will be coming down, because of Jeremy and Daniel writing new material.  They have decided to leave This is Why the Bodies Lie, because its the best quality, and it sounds the best. See ya later.

Update: The Badge is in the market for a bassist and drummer.  If ANYONE is interested in layin down some kick-in-the-balls metal, contact me at the email address below. Jeremy or Daniel Gilbert's phone # : 225-695-6817. Jeremy's email address is [email protected] .
See ya later.

Update:  Steve is now in the process of joining a band in NC called Motorshock, that dish out some of the heaviest riffs in the tri-state area.  The Badge now has a drummer named Zack. He is a young one, but he can kick most people's ass at the drums.  Good luck little dude, lol.  still lookin for a bassist. once we find a bassist, then the formula will be complete.  This quartet is almost complete, so start lookin for some new material to be posted.  See ya later.
RIP Dime

Update: Jeremy and Daniel now have their own house, so they can now practice whenever they want. Current lineup is Jeremy, Daniel, Zach. Looking for bassist still, so if you are interested, contact Jeremy or Daniel. Have 3 song done, but not recorded. look for complete mp3's soon. Steve is now in a band in NC called Faith In Kaos. Click on link to view pics and songs of Faith In Kaos. The Badge Pics section will be kinda messed up for a lil bit; gettin some new pics and takin the old one down. NEW BADGE SONG POSTED!!See ya later.
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