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Class 5-302 Astre's Website

1999 Global Information Infrastructure Finalists (Health)
1999 Thinkquest Junior Platinum Award (Sports & Health)
1999 Pioneering Partners Foundation Winner
1999 Community School District Computer Award
1999 Pacific Bell Blue Web'n Award Winner
New York Kids On Air & On Line Publication - WNYC Public Radio

(A special THANK YOU to Thinkquest and TQ founder Allan Weis for flying the Yo, It's Time for Braces team to the GII Awards in San Francisco where they were finalists (health category) and presenters.
Click here to see photos of our trip and the awards.ThinkQuest

Astre 5    1999-2000


 Our teacher, Mrs. Alperstein      Click here to see the class portraits

                        Neme Alperstein,  Teacher               Notices for the week

Our commentaries and reviewsClick here for a calendar of events.
Listen to Astre 5 on New York Kids (October 3rd show)
     New York Kids of WNYC visits the class           Visit the New York Kids web site.
Kimberly Seiler is a New York Kids PoetryPalooza 2 Grand Prize Winner!
Reviews of books we've read.Visit a Mission to Mars Proposal
  1999 Restaurant Reviews                 "If we could make a difference..."
1999 Movies and even more reviews
                 original art by Jimmy Marketti                                                                                               original art by Shalini Khan

This Just In...Thinkquest Junior 2000 entries:

From Pokemon to Picasso: The Rights and Wrongs of Copyrights
Growing Up With Epilepsy
Authentic Dancing

     Project Arts in the classroom

Loraine's edition of News of the Century: 1988
Katie Sullivan's Home Page
(including her digital Ezra Jack Keats children's book entries for 1999 and 2000)


The Joyce Theater and Ballet Hispanico Dance in Education Program
The Joyce Theater Dance in Education and dance artist Susan Thomasson
Carnegie Hall's LinkUP! Program

with jazz vocalist Lenora Zenzalai Helm


ThinkQuestOur 1999 entries in the Thinkquest Junior competition were:

     Yo, It's Time for Braces (PLATINUM AWARD winner, Sports & Health category)

Awarded Pacific Bell's BLUE WEB'N Award
    Sports Are Taking Over The U.S.A.   (Finalists, Sports & Health Category)
    Natural Killers
    The U.S.A. - Land of Stars and Stripes
Photo of Madeline, Val and Svetlana at the 1999 NECC conference at Atlantic City

Congratulations Astre 5, winner in the Community School District 27 Computer Contest.  The winning entry was a western hemisphere travelogue using Hyperstudio.

Visit Astre 5's 1998-1999 Website
Visit our 1999 "simple machines" science page
EJ revisits his favorite dining spot

Visit our Monster Gallery, part of the MindsEye Monster Exchange Project.

Some cool sites to check out! (We're still adding to our list.)

Mars Header

Click on Mars Team Online to visit the NASA site on Mars

1999 Pioneering Partner Foundation Summit photo gallery

1999 Exploring Space: The Capital Connection with UAH in Washington, D.C.
(coming soon)

Visit District 27's Media Center for some special activities!
(Astre 5 met PS 183 on the TV show, "Books On Parade")

Books On Parade taping at JHS 202 TV studio

Click here to see our Mars Projects in NASA's Mars Team Online Student Gallery

Click here to see Will Pryor's and Amanda Roth's Thinkquest Junior 1998 web entry.

Click here to see Catherine Eccardt's and Erin Park's Thinkquest Junior web page entry.
(They were finalists in the 1998 competition.)

Click on Goofy to see Robbie Pimentel's web page.


Robbie is a contributing author to Birnbaum's newest edition, Disney For Kids By Kids.

Resources for Learning Standards:

New York State Department of Education and NYS Learning Standards (by subject)

U.S. Department of Education (guides, grants, regulations, policy papers and research)

National Standards, Goals 2000, and Standards indexed by state

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